World Cup 2022 copyright, another lesson that must be resolved urgently

Copyright for the 2022 World Cup, although it came very close But all is not over. political drama as well as celebrities want to look like HD parallel broadcasting application Digital Television Association Sop Channel NBTC must be equal Let’s draw lottery parallel again. When everything is in complete silence People in the industry reveal that all parties refer to the people, suggesting that the NBTC remove the World Cup from the Must Have, otherwise there will be problems every time.

It has become an exciting issue for Thailand to get the right to broadcast a live broadcast of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It was held almost 3 days before this World Cup. It is quite obvious that we cannot find 1,600 million baht to pay royalties this time. It is possible that Thailand will not have the rights to the World Cup this time.

Among the news reports of many media outlets that In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the only country left that has not licensed this World Cup yet. but he found that Laos And Timor did not buy the rights to the World Cup.

In the end, Thailand got the rights to this World Cup, knowing the results on November 17, 2022. Thailand received a discount of about 400 million baht, having to pay about 1,200 million baht, excluding taxes, about 200 million baht.

The main opponent is General Prawit Wongsuwan, the Deputy Prime Minister. Chairman of the Board of the National Sports Development Fund and Chairman of the Board of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor at SAT, the main amount of 600 million baht is supported by the research fund. and developing a broadcasting business television and telecommunications business in the public interest (BAT Fund)

The rest is private sector, 300 million baht from the TRUE group, divided into TV Right, 200 million baht for exclusive broadcast on True4U channel (32 games), and another 100 million baht, OTT Right on for the right to broadcast True Vision cable TV and OTT through True.ID

There are also Chang drinks and PTT, each worth 100 million baht, Pure Energy Company 50, Kasikorn Bank 50 million baht, Bangchak 50 million baht, PTT OR 20 million baht, Thai Oil 20 million baht, Global Power, Ver Synergy 10 million baht

Sorayut asks for HD

Many parties are glad that the Thai people watched the World Cup final this time. Along with what I want to know which channel is being broadcast? Followed by a lottery on which channels broadcast which couples on November 19, 2022. Of course, many Chong are not very satisfied with the results of the lottery.

Then followed by the story of the system for broadcasting in SD and HD, which provides different image clarity, posted on November 20, 2022 by the page Sorayuth Suthassanachinda, a news reporter with more than 3.5 million followers that buying this should be expensive can see good quality Or what?

As people who watch football, when the NBTC approves 600 million money for sports to buy the rights to ‘World Cup 2022’, it should find a way to negotiate for the public to watch ‘all game’ with HD quality (High Definition : High Definition)

The fact that ‘True Channel 24’ has the right to broadcast 32 pairs of live broadcasts on SD (Standard Definition) channels, which have the right to live on one channel only, is equal to the general public in able to watch broadcasts in SD Quality only as well as Games that other SD channels broadcast 2 games per channel

If you fear that it is a conflict of interest with ‘Gwir’, a major sponsor It can be filmed live alongside the state’s HD channels, either NBT, Thap 5 or Thai PBS (Which is about to properly test the 4K system )

In the case of TrueVisions, all pairs are broadcast in HD (or maybe even in 4K), this person is already a member and can watch without paying extra. But people are not members? If there is no change then DC must be looked at.

I guess no one told me it was free to watch. Anyway, let’s see.

However, the poster has posted a message in the comment box that In this post, I intend to use a high definition HD channel from a parallel shooting condition. for the benefit of free viewers It has nothing to do with Channel 3 because I don’t own the channel. and this is a personal page If anyone is talking about Channel 3, why aren’t they paying yet?

The post received many comments. both agree and disagree

Adisak-Equal Nation

The commentary of the famous news anchor was carried on by Mr. Limprung Phatthanakit Director of the Digital Television Association and consultant of the Nation Group Public Company Limited posted on Facebook stating that Totally agree when the TAS presses the first button by mistake. make things continue Let’s make a big mistake, for example, 17 channels that show their intention to broadcast live, draw 32 pairs after True choose. But the capture is divided into rounds. Causing the last and worst channel to be Channel 7 PPTV 9MCOT, which is HD, only the right to broadcast one pair per channel, while some channels have 3 pairs, 2 pairs.

In total, there are HD channels including 10 public TV channels that have the right to broadcast live. In total, there should not be more than 20 pairs out of 64 pairs, even if the criteria of 64 pairs is used with 10 HD channels (Business TV 7, Channel 3, Channel 7, 9MCOT, One31, AmarinTV, PPTV, Thairath TV and 3 public TV channels, NBT TPBS Ch5) HD channels should be able to shoot 3-4 pairs per channel, in total, it will be more than half.

ready to travel to file a NBTC complaint to decide whether SAT has given the rights to broadcast live broadcasts to digital TV channels as “Total-equal” or not on November 21, 2022

ask for collateral

Having a license does not make everything smooth. Because the source of the money used to buy a copyright comes from many parts. Especially the money from the NBTC, 600 million baht, which is a contribution from digital TV operators. cause the entrepreneur as the owner of the money to claim such rights Let’s start with clarity. come to equality

Mr Trirat Wiriyasirikul The Acting General Secretary of the NBTC revealed that after receiving a letter from the Digital Television Association on November 21, the NBTC has discussed various questionable issues with SAT. and requests True’s co-operation to return the quota for broadcasting 16 out of 32 World Cup broadcasts for the 2022 World Cup back to SAT to be allocated for digital TV to be broadcast live alongside with True Channel. The hole does not collapse and the NBTC has informed the Digital Television Association. The society is satisfied with this conclusion.

True allowed before the round of 16 teams.

On November 22, 2022, True issued a statement from Dr. Teeradej Damrongplasit. The President (Co) of True Corporation Public Company Limited said that True Group is aware of the government’s intention of wanting Thai people to watch the World Cup. This thanks the government agencies, the SAT and the NBTC, for their importance and leadership in negotiating the purchase of copyrights. ready to open to the private sector in various business groups participate in supporting a live broadcast of the competition Bring happiness to Thai people to have fun and enjoy watching all 64 games in the 2022 World Cup.

True Group is also proud to grant the rights to broadcast 16 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 to other digital TV channels. it can be broadcast alongside the True4U channel in the terrestrial TV system

When True opened the way for other digital TV sets to join parallel broadcasting So the Digital Television Association drew a new lottery on November 23, 2022, which True opened the way for parallel filming before the round of 16, starting from the 14th game between Uruguay and South Korea on November 24, 2022.

As a result, the tidal wave of World Cup rights began to subside. While channels began to be released for viewing other formats on some channels. It all depends on your bargaining power. If gathered and large, the bargaining power is higher. The claim focuses primarily on terrestrial television. But as far as I know, many satellite boxes have started advising users that they have to restart their devices to watch them.

World Cup 2022, another lesson

A source from the digital television industry said that the copyright of this World Cup is busy until it comes to broadcast all channels because all parties see the gap that exists The political department is of the opinion that allowing Thai people watching the World Cup for free is another way to generate popular points. Part of the money used comes from the government. and ask for cooperation from the private sector Opponents of politics must express their disapproval. Mr. Srettha Thavisin, the choice of the Prime Minister from Pheu Thai or an MP from the Kaow Klai Party also disagreed

Although the NBTC was wounded by the publication of the Must Have rule that has caused problems since the 2014 World Cup until 2022, it has not determined the regulations that have caused problems. until being exploited by the political parties for past mistakes Being responsible for previous wrong decisions with subsidies. In addition to taking money from digital TV operators to spend 600 million baht, causing rights to such money to be demanded, including Must Carry, which must be announced in all channels.

This time, the NBTC gave money, but without any conditions. Let the private sector make a deal among themselves. And if the decision on Must Have is not repealed, which included the World Cup list as well The NBTC has to pay money for the World Cup every time. become a channel for the political party

At the same time, the channel for watching TV shows has changed from the original. regulations that used to be current or not Because today’s viewing includes terrestrial, satellite, internet, mobile phones. Current rules may not keep pace with changing technology.

All parties refer to the people. Regardless of whether the people who claim to like watching football or not. Due to the broadcast of every game of the World Cup, there will be a business involved, that is, advertising. The size of the share is a matter for the operators to enter into an agreement.

This World Cup copyright is considered another example for relevant agencies to solve problems and fill gaps that arise. Indeed, if the NBTC removes the World Cup program from Must Have, everything will expire, leaving the copyright once again a private matter. The longer the advance bidding Royalties will be cheaper.

In fact, the private sector is auctioning off the rights to the next World Cup or Euro. It can be designed to focus on free viewing or collecting money For Thailand, Pay TV has a number of people who are ready. Most of them are free to watch, so if you combine many sponsors. Then they auction the copyright and do the marketing together, it seems to be the most perfect thing.

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