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The 2022 World Cup is about to start, and the game will be held in Doha, Middle East. From the previous summer, it will be in the autumn. As well as changing the opening season, nowTV has won the broadcasting rights this time. They use new technology to broadcast live, so that everyone gets a new experience watching the wave. In the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, I stayed at home without leaving the street. I used E now to watch the waves by myself, and even used the Now AR app to watch the live broadcast. This app can come with AR World for me A cup I’ve never tried before Watch the experience, enjoy! This article is a face, just waiting for me to test it with everyone!

What is AR View Wave – Install World Cup Experience App through “csl. 5G Lens”

In the past, watching TV was really one way, you watched what was broadcast on TV, and you got what the commentator told you. Now is the “knowledge generation” where everyone is an expert, and I am a professional reviewer! To do that, this time nowTV will make it for you to watch. As long as you are a subscriber of nowTV or now E World Cup 2022, you can download the App “Now ON – FIFA World Cup” through the link of the “csl.The game data will jump out of the TV box, use AR to project the 3D stadium to your mobile phone, and it will display a large amount of game data, you can still see the tactical situation of each player from God’s point of view, regardless of the player’s layout and position, free throw data and shot numbers are displayed one by one! It can be said that it is a new perspective on the World Cup!

How to use? First steps of use

First of all, of course, I have to apply for the 2022 World Cup ticket, and then download the “Now ON – FIFA World Cup” app via the “csl. 5G Lens” app link. After downloading, you need to open the permission to use the camera, and then log in to your TV now or E now account to log in. The test day was November 20th, and the first match was Qatar VS Ecuador, so we could go back to that match, press “Select this event” and press “Start”.

Test “Now ON – FIFA World Cup”.

Was Qatar rumored to win before the game?

I remember, before the start of the World Cup, it was mentioned that Qatar would win this game 1-0 in the second half. I thought, next time, Qatar should be weaker than Ecuador, but it is said that Qatar will win? So I also want to know whether the rumors are true or not, so Xun Wan watched the TV Live while holding the phone, opened the Now AR App, and watched the positions of the players from God’s perspective.

Obviously 2 minutes and a few minutes into the wave, in the end it was a scam! Immediately look at the system from multiple angles, and the system is really offside

In fact, before the start of the game, I studied the Now AR app, looked at the player data of both teams, and looked at the lineups of both teams. Of course, if you want to use this AR mode, you must first place the virtual soccer field on a flat surface, and I will transform a table into a soccer field. About 2 minutes into the game, there was already a wave, but it wasn’t Qatar, but Ecuador’s captain, Ana Valencia, who scored an overhead goal. I thought only 3 minutes wasn’t enough, and the rumors proved to be false. , Unexpectedly, about 5 minutes later, VAR judged that the words were false. It turns out that Michael Eschada was on the 11th offside. When watching the live TV, it was true that it was broadcasting slowly, but not there’s an offside line drawn, so you’re saying offside is offside? It’s not all about me, but there are still a few people who question it!



Fortunately, the Now AR App has a function called “Program On Demand”, which allows you to see highlights of on-demand videos related to the event. You can choose different angles to see what happened in range of the wave After it was released, I went straight from angle to angle to see if it was really offside! To be honest, I don’t think too much about it myself, but I’m not a professional, and I don’t pay too much attention. VAR judged that he was offside. It is said that Eschada’s right foot has intrude a little, so I have to admit, but it is really exciting spirits.


16 minutes into the opening wave, the rumors are self-defeating

I thought that the game would continue to follow the “script”, but at 16 minutes, Ecuador’s captain beat Anna Valencia to 12 yards, and the score was 0:1! Right now, the rumors are self-defeating. At about 31 points, Anna Valencia scored twice and scored more, the score was 0:2, and it remained 0:2 until the end of the game.


You must use the Now AR App to watch Live TV! God’s perspective to check the situation + check the data at any time is very convenient!

Let me explain the whole process. Obviously, I’ve been watching Live TV all the time, but I want to use the Now AR App at the same time to watch a game? In addition to what I said at the beginning, I can use God’s perspective to see the tactical positioning, the player’s plan, and most importantly, this app allows me to see some live data from the game, although example, I can compare the two teams ■ The overall number of offenses of the team, the number of hits, whether the wave is correct, whether the defense is good, although these data will have displayed in the live TV room, but the advantage of using the Now AR App is that you can watch it whenever you want, so don’t wait. The TV station or commentator “hello” to you.


Halfway through? Do you know of any important events in the timeline

A wave lasts for 90 minutes, and there is no extra time. Sometimes I want to go to the bathroom after watching the wave. I want to know if there is any big event when the line is open? I open the Now AR App, click on the timeline, and then I can see who has entered the wave, who has been replaced, and who has been fined a yellow card or even left the field with a red card.


In addition, seeing Anna Valencia score two goals in a row seems very exciting, which makes me a little interested in it! So I went to the Now AR App to have a look while I was free and had nothing to look at What kind of material the captain is! The Now AR App allows me to select individual players at any time and view their statistics. According to the statistics, he shot 2 times, but scored both goals, and in defense, conceded the goal 3 times as well. Looking back on his personal information, it turns out that he is 33 years old and has scored 35 goals. He can score 2 goals in this game. It can be seen that he is still young! Energetically!



Don’t be idle, it doesn’t matter! Looks like the Now AR App has to watch the replay!

After watching the show, I went to Jinzhao and got up to find out that it turns out that the Now AR App has to watch the replay! From live broadcast videos to AR motion data, etc., you can watch them again! If you miss Xunwan’s exciting events, you can check back anytime! So you can watch waves more comprehensively and analyze the game!

csl Free AR World Cup Experience Pass

If you want to try it for free, csl will issue a free trial pass through the Lens 5G csl app. You can download it first and pay attention to csl promotion.

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