World Cup Celebration Debate; FIFA punishes Emiliano Martinez; Report

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is the player who played a crucial role in Argentina winning the World Championship in Qatar. Although he won the Golden Glove by performing well in the World Cup tournament, the star was criticized for celebrating the victory too much.

Emi mocked Mbappe in different ways after the victory in the final, which led to a big controversy. Martinez, who won the Golden Glove, started by making obscene gestures towards the French players at the referee’s stage.

Then, while celebrating the victory in the dressing room, Mbappe was silenced by mocking him and creating a big controversy.

Even after returning to Argentina, Martinez’s fury did not subside. Emi appeared at the Victory Parade in Buenos Aires with a baby doll bearing Mbappe’s face. Martinez’s controversial celebration included Mbappe’s photo being pasted in place of the doll’s face.

The French Football Federation has filed a complaint against Emiliano Martinez. The FFF said they have filed a complaint with the authorities to take action against Martinez and will meet with the president of the Argentine Football Association to discuss the situation.

A month after the World Cup, it was reported that FIFA had started disciplinary action against Emi. But El National reports that FIFA has reprimanded Emi and has not imposed any other penalties. According to the report, this was a relief for Emiliano Martinez and Team Argentina.

At the same time, it is also reported that Argentina has submitted an application to FIFA to host the 2030 World Cup.

Content Highlights: Fifa’s decision on the Emiliano Martinez matter


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