World Cup Direct |Saudi Arabia beats Argentina in an upset and the blue ocean turns green, shouting “Where is Messi?”

As seen in the field, although many fans are wearing Argentina shirts, this World Cup is held in Qatar in West Asia, so this game is like a “half home court” from neighboring Saudi Arabia The ratio from 4 June. Argentina leading by a goal in the first half. Metz praised the audience every time he took a kick and scored a goal, but the situation turned around in the second half. When Saudi Arabia tied and then took the lead, the Saudi cheers fans near the media stand were deaf , switched from supporting the United States to cheering for the motherland, and learned how the Icelandic team beat and cheered at the last World Cup. At the end of the game, many fans were hugging and crying excitedly, and the expression of the Argentine and other South American reporters sitting near the reporter became intense. Saudi fan Mohammed said he could not believe his country could beat Argentina, describing it as a special day in the country’s history, “I was surprised that Argentina’s performance today was below par. I thought that it would be an easy game for them. Also, the Saudi goalkeeper was brave and the players fought hard. Two great goals.” He said he hoped the team could progress to the top 16 again. “Today, I want to celebrate in Doha! “After the game, the “green sea” fans who stayed in the stadium said “Where is Messi?” in Arabic. We’re conquering (Where’s Mac? We’re conquering)” slogans that came and went.

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