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  • Countdown has begun – France starts 2019 in 100 days
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The spot has almost arrived. Since then the curtain fell on the previous competition in Canada in 2015, the women's football community has looked after one and one thing: kick the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 ™.

The good news of all concerned is that their staff will be rewarded. In fact, there are only 100 days left in front of France and the Republic of Korea at green horns in Paris des Princes in Paris in the opening match of the competition.

After four years of hard work behind the storyteller at FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), and at the field of the 24 qualified teams, the projected tournament is now around the corner. Each of the nine host cities are making preparations to welcome the world in a couple of weeks, and to mark the 100-mile milestone, they were taking place on Wednesdays when they exposed their posters official tournament

Ettie gets a party going

The least can be said is that the nine participating towns did not do things twice, adding huge images of the places to the faces of the substantial buildings in each city. And what were the sticks? Ettie, French Official Mask 2019!

Always ready to take a new challenge, Footix's daughter, the French mascot 1998, rescued a pair of gloves for a huge penalty that had started by local residents, media representatives, celebrities and politicians.

Despite the popularity of Ettie among the French community, many spectators chose to take care of the people who were punishing. And for a good reason, because it was the objective of achieving 100 goals, imagining the number of days that remain before the competition competition, which has been predicted for the cities of France 2019 on all buildings.

From Grenoble to Valenciennes, and without forgetting Le Havre, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Reims and Rennes, Ettie has not got at least 900 goals for kick builders. At the moment, she put forward a smile dress and celebrated the revealing of each poster among a party atmosphere.

"We love France 1998, UEFA EURO 2016 and our experience during the FIFA World Cup U-20," explained by Brigitte Henriques, Vice President of the French Football Federation and the LOC, who was in Paris on Wednesday . "We're counting for you, the community. We already sell 500,000 tickets. On March 7, when individual tickets are on sale, add your smartphone alarms! It's not just the World Cup of Women, it's a World Cup. "

Ice football, futsal, exhibitions and champions

While the main event in each city is to reveal the poster, fans present could enjoy themselves and start counting 100 days down in different ways throughout the day.

In Grenoble, what better way was to mark the spot in the heart of French Alpine than by organizing a football contest on ice? In Reims, away from the competitions in which some female teams took part, the Stade Auguste-Delaune stands were not "100 days to go".

In Valenciennes, there was a mixed futsal competition on the agenda. Instead, in Rennes, not only did the official poster be available to the public, but the organizers gave tribute to the many other poster suggestions they received, going to show them in a show in the town hall.

Of course, the party would not have finished without any big names. At each venue, many of the sports champions took part in the festivities and said how much they were looking forward to the start of the competition. Patrick Vieira, who had the honor to compete – announced the FIFA ™ World Cup on home soil in 1998, on the events in Nice, and his former international partner, Vikash Dhorasoo, which was the French squad that reached World Cup 2006 was presented in Paris.

The legend of Marc Keller, also an ex-France international, showed Reims look. Seneca Camara Souleymane and Brazilian Vitorino Hilton, known in Montpellier, are involved with the internationally Clarisse Le Bihan and Sandie Toletti, and Laura Georges, a member of Scuad Legends FIFA, and their ex-team, Sonia Bompastor and Camille Abily also part in the celebration.

"We're 100 days away from the competition, so it's a great deal for everyone and the teams of competition, in particular. The Ladies World Cup is just around the corner!" Marinette Pichon, legendary director for Les Bleus, He was involved in the events in Reims.

In each chamber, the day finished with the same locations of joy and pride when exposing the posters, but there was a desirable understanding of unhealthyness, and fans expect quickly to go 100 days as soon as possible.

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