World Cup | Football World Cup after T20 World Cup; Sports fans are excited

The group stage of the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia has ended. It is a time of great excitement for sports enthusiasts. The Cricket World Cup will end on November 13. But the FIFA Football World Cup starts on November 20 at the Al Bait Stadium in Qatar. Those who love cricket and football meet these sporting events with great enthusiasm.

Only two countries play in both tournaments. It’s just Australia and England. Therefore, both countries have made great preparations. England aim to win both titles for the second time. England won the T20 World Cup in 2010. 56 years ago England won the World Cup. Even after hosting the World Cup, they haven’t even made it to the finals. Therefore, they will aim to perform at their best this time.

The English Premier League is where the world’s best football fans meet. It is a huge source of income for the UK economy. According to Ernst & Young, the EPL contributes £7.6 billion to total UK GDP. Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, the league was facing major difficulties.

England are in a group that includes the United States, Iran and Wales. Therefore, the team will not have to fight much to reach the second round. Harry Kane, Bukayo Saka, Harry Maguire, Jack Grealish, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford are expected to make a big breakthrough this time around. But England will have to play carefully against the United States. The United States have a history of shocking England in previous World Cups.

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For Australia, there is no chance of creating a miracle in the soccer World Cup. They have only reached the pre-quarters once before. But they are strong in cricket. The Kangaroos won the last T20 World Cup but this time they had to be eliminated in the first round of the World Cup held in their own country.

Last time the French champions are strong this time too. France is in a group with Denmark and Tunisia. Argentina and Lionel Messi’s France are likely to clash in the second round. Messi will probably play in the last World Cup. There are many football fans who hope that the player will return from Qatar with a victory.

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