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At 03:00 on November 25th, Beijing time (21:00 on the 24th, local time in Qatar), the first round of Group G competition of the 2022 World Cup began. Brazil won 2-0 against Serbia. Richarlison doubled, and Neymar retired through injury.

Brazil encountered an iron barrel in the first half. Paqueta passed the ball, and Rafinha shot from 12 yards into the arms of Savage. Milenkovic made a clearing error, and Venicius’ shot from the left side of the penalty area went wide from the near corner.

second half. Venicius made a cross from the left, and Neymar shot wide from 12 yards. In the 60th minute, Rafinha passed the ball, and Sandro hit the left post with a strong shot in front of the penalty area and it rebounded.

  Brazil broke the deadlock in the 62nd minute, Neymar passed the ball, Vinicius’ shot from the left side of the penalty area was saved, and Richarlison made an additional shot into the net. In the 74th minute, Vinicius passed from the left, and Richarlison scored with a 13-yard barb after stopping the ball, 2-0.He has scored 9 goals in the last 7 national team matches.

In the 81st minute, Jesus passed the ball, and Casemiro shot from 25 yards and hit the crossbar.

Neymar is injuredNeymar is injured

Brazil (4-2-3-1): 1- Alisson; 2- Danilo, 4- Marquinhos, 3- Silva, 6- Sandro; 5- Casemiro, 7- Paqueta (75′, 8-Fred); 11-Rafinha, 10-Neymar (80′, 19-Anthony), 20-Venicius (76′, 21-Rodrigo); 9-Richarlison (79′, 18-Jesus)

Serbia (3-5-1-1): 23-Savic; 5-Vilikovic, 4-Milenkovic, 2-Pavlovic; 14-Zivkovic (57′, 7-Radonjic), 16-Lukic (66′, 22-Lazovic), 8-Gudley (57′, Ilic), 20-Milinkovic, 25- Mladenovic (66′, 18-Vlahovic); 10-Dadic; 9-Mitrovic (83′, 6-Maximovic)

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