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Football fans have reportedly been disappointed to experience buffering issues during live streaming of FIFA World Cup matches on Reliance’s JioCinema app. After many messages and trolls came on social media including Twitter and Facebook, Jio Cinema responded by tweeting assuring fans that they are trying to resolve the issue. However, it is also claimed that the buffering issues could not be resolved on the second day.

Dear @JioCinema fans, we are working round the clock to provide better service. Upgrade the app to the latest version to enjoy #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022. The content of Geocinema’s tweet was that it apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

In another tweet, Tik-Tok responded with a video, saying, ‘Our team is working hard to fix some of your buffering issues’. Meanwhile, another troll video appeared to describe the working conditions at Twitter headquarters after Elon Musk took over. Many users have tweeted criticizing the live streaming.

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming is available on Jio Cinema Jio video streaming app and some other apps. Geocinema app offers live streaming in multiple language streams including English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali.

GeoCinema is the official live streaming app of the World Cup in India. The app can be used to watch all games live online for free on mobile phones and some smart TVs. However, the JioCinema app is not yet available on laptops.

English Summary: JioCinema Responds As Streaming Fans Fought Over World Cup Streaming Issues

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