World Cup / The goal is counted as an assist to win the game Netizens make “New Japanese Flag” | Sports | World Football Qatar 2022

Japan miraculously defeated Spain yesterday, beating two former champion teams in a row to book their place in the round of 16. Whether Japan’s 51st-minute goal went out of bounds also caused a wave of argue. The node is declared valid.

According to the rules of football, a ball must completely cross the line before it is considered out of bounds Just like in badminton and tennis, as long as it touches the line in part, no matter how small, it is considered within limits. Similarly, on a football pitch, a ball must completely cross the goal line before it is considered a goal.

Netizens are extremely talented and have made a “new flag” of Japan’s embossing line! photo taken from twitter

This goal also determines the fate of this group. Japan relied on this goal to win and win first place. Spain and Germany have the same points. After the goal difference, Spain advance to the round next, and Germany It’s a shame that the two group games in a row ended.

After the game, netizens also sent the Japanese flag on the Internet, and added a line next to the original red circle, which became the key ball interpreted by VAR, and said that this is the new national flag of Japan in the future, and some netizens left message saying that I do not know if Japan will produce in peripheral like the badminton Lin Yang with the line weight legend in the Taiwan Olympics.


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