World Football Qatar / It reveals the “coincidence of 2 gods” in the round of 16! It is predicted that the scores of the 2 countries will move forward tonight, and there will be surprises | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Sports Center / Reported by Xu Zhichao

▲ The original PO predicted that Portugal and Spain will advance, and the total number of goals is still 7. (Photo/photo by reporter Dai Yuxiang)

The 2022 World Cup is in full swing, and the third day of the round of 16 draws to a close. Brazil and Croatia won the top 8 tickets, leaving Morocco to face Spain on the evening of the 6th, and Portugal to face Switzerland. In this regard, some netizens found out that there are currently 6 games in the top 16, and the total number of goals per day is actually 7. He could not help but predict the scores of the last two games. As soon as he posted his posting, it also arouses enthusiasm among netizens discuss.

The original PO in “PTT” said that the last 2 games of World Cup 16 are left. On the first day, the Netherlands 3:1 the United States, Argentina 2:1 Australia, with a total of 7 goals; on the second day, France 3:1 Poland, England 3:0 Senegal, with a total of 7 goals; on the third day, Japan 1:1 Croatia, Brazil 4:1 South Korea, a total of 7 goals.

The original PO found that there were a total of 6 games in these three days, and the total number of goals was 7. Another coincidence is that the teams that lost in the third round of the group stage were France, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. , The first two countries have successfully reached the top 8.

The original PO pointed out that France and Brazil top 16 have seriously kicked the ticket. According to the rules, it is irresponsible to predict the last two games, “Spain 2:0 Morocco, Portugal 4:1 Switzerland, or Spain 3:0 Morocco, Portugal 3:1 Switzerland, a little gamble is fun, try to buy each one.”

After the post was revealed, netizens also said, “That is, 7-the first game = the score of the second game”, “77777777”, “7 up”, “I think it is”, ” Wow, amazing”, “This makes sense”, “I think Spain 1:0 Morocco, Portugal 3:3 Switzerland, the total is exactly 7”.

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