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Original title: World Internet Conference·Internet Development Forum concluded 15 leading scientific and technological achievements released

Beijing News Express (Reporter Xu Wen) Two blue books take a look at the global Internet development trend, 15 leading Internet scientific and technological achievements have been released… The two-day World Internet Conference·Internet Development Forum today (November 24) ended in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Curtain.

Qi Xiaoxia, Deputy Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Leading Group for World Internet Conference Preparatory Work and Director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, introduced that this year’s World Internet Conference·Internet Development Forum is a complex background of the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the profound evolution of the international landscape. Compared with previous conferences, the conference held next year has a more innovative format, presenting a new look of “small but refined” and “new and lively”.

Qi Xiaoxia said that on the eve of the forum, the World Internet Conference Organizing Committee issued the “Joining Hands to Build a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace”. It proposed to build a network from four aspects: joint development, joint maintenance of security, joint participation in governance, and shared results. The 20 action initiatives of the Community with a Shared Future for Space have been recognized by the international community. It is believed that China’s concept of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace has made a positive contribution to maintaining the peace and development of cyberspace.

During the forum, the “World Internet Development Report 2020” and “China Internet Development Report 2020” were also released, showing the new practices, new trends and new progress of the global and Chinese Internet development in the past year. This year’s forum has set up 2 main forums and 5 sub-forums. National ministries, international organizations, industry associations, well-known enterprises, and scientific research institutions have participated in the preparation of the main forum and sub-forums.

The world’s leading scientific and technological achievements release, the Internet of Light Expo, and the Direct Wuzhen Global Internet Competition are the three major brand project activities of the World Internet Conference. Qi Xiaoxia said that at this forum, the World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement Activity selected 15 representative leading scientific and technological achievements from Tencent, Zhijiang Labs, Microsoft, Kaspersky and other institutions, demonstrating strong innovation vitality and becoming a global observer. A window to the most cutting-edge technology. This year’s “Light of the Internet” Expo focused on the latest development trends and cutting-edge technology trends of the world’s Internet, exhibited and released new Internet achievements, new technologies, and new applications on a global scale. More than 130 well-known enterprises and institutions participated in the exhibition. Since the launch of the “Direct Wuzhen” Global Internet Contest, it has attracted more than a thousand projects from all over the world and has received extensive attention from the industry.

Although the global epidemic is still spreading, this forum still insists on diversified participation and high-end positioning. Qi Xiaoxia introduced that the forum attracted a large number of domestic and foreign guests offline and online, the former prime minister of Pakistan, ministerial representatives from Serbia, UAE, Rwanda and other countries, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, the representative of UNICEF in China, and Global Mobile Communications Senior representatives of international organizations such as the CEO of the System Association, as well as senior executives of leading Internet companies at home and abroad, attended the meeting. The main leaders of Qualcomm and Cisco delivered speeches at the opening ceremony and the main forum respectively through video. In addition, there are many academicians of the two academies such as Zhong Nanshan, Wu Hequan, and Wang Huaimin, the father of the Internet in France and Germany, the famous scholar Joseph Nye of the Kennedy School of Harvard University, and the heads of important international think tanks such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Social celebrities attended the meeting.

Beijing News reporter Xu Wen

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