World Markets: Summary of Gold Oil Stock Market

Daily Indices and Stocks, Oil, Gold and Silver Markets for April 19, 2021

– Dow Jones New York Stock Exchange closed last night (19 Apr) on the back of a fall in technology stocks. In particular, Tesla shares plunged more than 3% after reports of fatalities from a Tesla car crash hit a tree and a flood. While investors keep an eye on the earnings reports of listed companies Including US economic data this week This includes the sales of new houses in March.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,077.63, down 123.04 or -0.36% .The S & P500 closed at 4,163.26, down 22.21, or -0.53% .The Nasdaq closed at 13,914.77, down 137.58 or -0.98%.

– European equities closed slightly lower last night (19 Apr), falling from the record high they entered in the morning. Because investors sell their stocks to make a profit. After being pressured by the US stock market tumbling during the opening of the market. And the European currency appreciation, which affects export stocks.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index closed at 442.18 points, a decrease of 0.31 or -0.07%.

The German stock market DAX closed at 15,368.39, down 91.36, or -0.59%, and the FTSE 100 index closed at 7,000.08, down 19.45 or -0.28%. The CAC 40 index closed at 6,296.69 points, up 9.62 points or +. 0.15%

– London stock markets closed last night (19 Apr), pressured by the pound’s appreciation against the dollar. And lower oil prices, slowing down energy stocks

Index FTSE 100 closed at 7,000.08 points, down 19.45 points or -0.28%.

– The West Texas Crude (WTI) New York market closed positive tonight (19 Apr) supported by the dollar’s depreciation. Saudi Arabia’s oil exports have also reportedly dropped to an eight-month low. Especially in India It has extracted positive forces in the oil market.

WTI crude oil contract for delivery in May It rose 25 cents, or 0.4 percent, to $ 63.38 a barrel.

Brent crude oil contract (BRENT) for delivery in June. It rose 28 cents, or 0.4 percent, to $ 67.05 a barrel.

– New York gold futures closed overnight (19 Apr) after US Treasury yields rebounded and put pressure on the market. Strong last week

COMEX (Commodity Exchange) gold contract for June delivery. It was down $ 9.6, or 0.54 percent, to $ 1,770.6 an ounce.

Silver metal contract for May delivery It was down 26.8 cents, or 1.03 percent, to 25.837 dollars an ounce.

Platinum contract delivered in July. It was down $ 2.2, or 0.18 percent, to $ 1,206.5 an ounce.

Palladium contract delivered in June. It rose $ 38.90, or 1.4%, to $ 2,813.60 / ounce.

Gold futures came under pressure after 10-year US Treasury yields rebounded to 1.589% last night.

– The US dollar depreciates against all major currencies. In trading at the New York Exchange last night (19 Apr) after the Federal Reserve (Fed) reiterated the view that The inflation spike is temporary. This signaled that the Fed will continue to hold low interest rates.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback against six major currencies in a basket, fell 0.53 percent to 91.0709 on Monday.

The US dollar was lower against the yen at 108.09 yen from 108.79 yen and against the Swiss franc at 0.9145 from 0.9198 franc, but against the Canadian dollar. The US dollar rose to $ 1.2531 from Canadian dollars 1.2501.

The euro was higher against the dollar at $ 1.2039 from $ 1.1978, while the pound rose to $ 1.3989 from $ 1.3833, and the Australian dollar rose to $ 0.7760 from $ 0.7732.

The DJIA index, the New York Stock Exchange, closed at 34,077.63 points, down 123.04 points, -0.36%.

The S & P500 Index closed at 4,163.26 points, down 22.21 points, -0.53%.

The NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange closed at 13,914.77, down 137.58, -0.98%.

The FTSE 100 index, the London Stock Exchange, closed at 7,000.08, down 19.45, -0.28%.

Index CAC-40 French stocks closed at 6,296.69 points, up 9.62, + 0.15%.

The German stock market DAX closed at 15,368.39 points, a decline of 91.36, -0.59%.

Index of SENSEX Indian stocks closed at 47,949.42 points, down 882.61 points, -1.81%.

Jakarta Composite Index The Indonesian stock market closed at 6,052.54 points, down 33.72 points, -0.55%.

The FBMKLCI, Malaysia’s stock market closed at 1,600.29, down 8.09, -0.50%.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE Composite Index) closed at 6,459.76, down 35.05, -0.54%.

The FTSE STI index, Singapore stocks closed at 3,209.72 points, gained 7.96 points, + 0.25%.

The HSI Index, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, closed at 29,106.15 points, up 136.44, + 0.47%.

The SSE Composite Index closed at 3,477.55 points, up 50.93 points, + 1.49%.

The TAIEX index, Taiwan stocks closed at 17,263.28 points, up 104.47 points, + 0.61%.

The KOSPI index, South Korea’s stock market, closed at 3,198.84 points, up 0.22, + 0.01%.

The NIKKEI 225 Index closed at 29,685.37 points, up 2.00 pips, + 0.01%).

The S & P / ASX 200 Index closed at 7,065.60 points, up 2.10 points, + 0.03%.

ALL ORDINARIES The Australian stock market closed at 7,328.00 points, up 2.20 points, + 0.03%.

– Infoquest Translated and edited by Kanlayanee Cheewapanich / Ratana Tel. 02-2535000 ext. 327 Email:–



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