[World Now] “I burned 11 people, including teenagers, alive”… Myanmar military massacre of civilians

Myanmar military massacre of civilians, even using ‘human shield’…

Military violence in Myanmar, more than 10 months after the coup, has become increasingly brutal.

Local media reported that they massacred 11 residents, including teenagers and the disabled, and burned them to death, and after promoting civilians as ‘human shields’, they burned their lives as well.

11 burnt bodies found, hands tied behind the back

Myanmar Now, citing the Civil Defense Force, a militant group of residents and civilians, said that around 11 o’clock on the 7th, about 100 soldiers raided the village of Donetto in the central Sagaing region and massacred the residents.

On the same day, the Civil Defense Forces bombarded a military convoy passing about 300 meters from the village with explosives.

Afterwards, villagers found 11 bodies that were badly burned on a nearby farm, some of which had their hands tied behind their backs, so residents believe they were burned alive, the media reported.

“I’ll beat you to death and burn you alive”

The person who helped them with the funeral claimed to the media, “I hid in a hut to avoid the soldiers who invaded the village, but the soldiers found them, beat them, and burned them.”

“The soldiers beat them to death and then burned them alive. Some of them weren’t even 18,” said a member of the Donetto Civil Defense Forces commander, who was unarmed when they were arrested.

According to a list of victims compiled by the Civil Defense Forces, the victims were all male, five teenagers under the age of 18, and one in their 40s with paraplegics, Myanmar Now said.

With the exception of one disabled person, 10 of the 11 victims were members of the Donetto Civil Guard, but their bodies were so badly burned that they could not be identified, but only one had an ear piercing, indicating that he was a 17-year-old A.

Myanmar Now said it was unclear whether there were any eyewitnesses to the situation, and that they were unable to confirm the claims of residents and the Civil Defense Forces themselves.

“Military operation with a civilian human shield”

Another media outlet, Irrawaddy, reported, citing the pro-Zhou National Guard, that the military used a 24-year-old man as a human shield and then burned it to death in Kalegu, Sagaing district.

The man, who was kidnapped from his farm on the 4th, was found burnt on the 7th, the Pro-State National Guard said.

It is known that the Myanmar military often conducts operations with civilians as ‘human shields’ as the loss of life increases due to ambush and landmine attacks by civilians.

Last July, 10 civilians were massacred.

Earlier, in July, the military massacred about 10 residents in Kani, Sagaing, and received criticism from the international community.

Their bodies were found uncovered, blindfolded and tied together.

Eyewitnesses said there were also traces of torture, such as knife cuts on the neck and face.

“Over 1,300 killed in military and police violence”

On the 5th, the military and police took the lives of at least 5 people and arrested 10 people by driving a car towards the young people who were holding a surprise demonstration by the rebels in downtown Yangon.

Myanmar’s military has alleged that the general election in November last year was a fraudulent election, and has been bloody suppression of rebel protesters after a coup d’état on February 1.

According to the Political Prisoners Support Association, which monitors the local human rights situation, more than 1,300 citizens have died in military and police violence after the coup.



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