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[World Now] Portugal “Do not give up the mask” … ‘Careful with Corona’ attention

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Portuguese citizens wearing masks and using public transportation even after with Corona [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공]

Portuguese-style ‘careful’ with Corona pays attention… don’t give up the mask

Portugal is being lit up as a model country for ‘with Corona’, which comes out of the shadows of Corona 19 and approaches everyday life.

It is evaluated that the method of carefully approaching With Corona while boasting the world’s highest vaccination rate, without completely letting go of the reins of quarantine, was effective.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported the case of Portugal, which implemented with Corona, through a report titled ‘The Corona 19 Endemic has come to Portugal’.

Endemic is a word that refers to a situation in which an infectious disease has not ended, but has weakened and hardened into an endemic disease.

It is believed that it is possible to control and manage COVID-19 and return to a normal life when it enters an endemic, so it is set as the next best goal that can be realistically achieved in several countries.

[World Now]  Portugal

Fully packed spectators wearing a ‘Portuguese with Corona’ mask and watching the game [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공]

Most of quarantine measures are lifted … Daily life before the Corona 19 pandemic”

Portugal, which started With Corona by removing most of the quarantine measures from the 1st, is showing a return to daily life before the pandemic in various places.

In most stadiums, the measure to limit the capacity to 30% has disappeared, and public transportation such as buses is full of tourists, passing some stops, and the tourism industry is reviving.

Bars and discotheques and other nightlife establishments have reopened, shop hours restrictions have been lifted, and restaurants have no cap on seating capacity.

When exercising at a gym or health club, the social distancing interval has been reduced from 3m to 1.5m.

Those who have been vaccinated do not need to self-isolate even if they come into contact with an infected person.

Despite this, Portugal, with a population of 10 million, maintains an average of 750 new cases per day.

Last month, the average number of deaths was only 6, and the spread of the virus is being successfully contained.

This is in contrast to some European countries, such as the UK, which are struggling to control the spread, such as the number of new confirmed cases reached about 50,000 after the declaration of With Corona.

The Wall Street Journal attributed Portugal’s success to its high vaccination rates.

[World Now]  Portugal

“Vaccination completion rate 86.8%… No. 1 in the world”

According to ‘Our World in Data’, a statistical site related to COVID-19 prepared by Oxford University in the UK, Portugal currently ranks first in the world with 86.8% of the population being vaccinated.

The rate of one or more inoculations was 88.5%, second only to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which recorded 96.0%.

Unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, where vaccination rates have been stagnant, although early vaccinations have led to higher expectations for overcoming COVID-19, they have actually achieved universal vaccination.

[World Now]  Portugal

Portuguese citizens wearing masks and using public transportation even after with Corona [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공]

Vaccination rate is high, but ‘don’t give up the mask’

What makes Portugal different from other European countries’ Weed Corona transition is the ‘careful coexistence’ that does not put pressure on quarantine and does not completely take off the mask despite the high vaccination rate.

Masks must be worn in commercial facilities with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, such as classrooms, public transportation, nursing homes, hospitals, concert halls, shopping centers, and hypermarkets.

We recommend that you wear a mask even on school grounds and in large gathering places.

Even in shops and restaurants, employees are required to wear masks.

Portugal’s health authorities have begun to vaccinate vulnerable groups such as the elderly with the third booster shot for those who have been vaccinated in preparation for the winter.

Citizens are also keeping hand sanitizer everywhere even though the government-level quarantine measures have been lifted, and churches, where social distancing is not a mandatory issue, are complying with their own quarantine guidelines, such as implementing their own distancing.

Maria Mota, director of the Lisbon Institute of Molecular Medicine, said, “Portugal is currently in a transition period from a pandemic to an endemic.”


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