[World Now] Russia’s new death toll hits record high at 1,028… “Nine-day holiday”

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In Russia, where the fourth wave of Corona 19 is getting worse and worse, President Vladimir Putin has imposed a one-week or more day off for all workers to prevent the spread of the infectious disease.

According to the Kremlin, in a presidential decree issued on the same day, Putin ordered that “October 30 to November 7 be designated as a rest period in which workers’ salaries are preserved.”

In addition, the heads of local governments were given the authority to extend the holiday period in consideration of local circumstances.

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Russia continues to increase, the fourth wave of the epidemic is in full swing.

The number of daily new cases surpassed the 20,000 mark in mid-September and has been steadily increasing beyond the 30,000 mark in mid-September. The number of new deaths per day continues to rise and is one after another, surpassing all-time records.

According to the Corona 19 Influx and Spread Prevention Countermeasures Headquarters, on the 20th local time, there were 34,73 new daily infections in Russia, similar to the record high of 34,325 set on the 18th.

[World Now]  Russia's new death toll rises to 1,028

[사진 제공: 연합뉴스]

There were 5,847 new cases a day in Moscow alone, and 3,274 new cases in St. Petersburg, the second city.

The number of new deaths in Russia also rose to 1,028, a record high following 1,15 the day before.

The cumulative death toll rose to 226,353.

It is the fifth largest in the world after the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico.

The reason Russia’s Corona 19 situation has reached its worst is because of poor vaccination due to public distrust of the vaccine.

Only 45 million people, one-third of the total population, are vaccinated.

Mayor Sergei Sovanin of Moscow, where the spread is the most severe, ordered citizens over the age of 60 and those with underlying medical conditions to self-quarantine at their residences for four months from the 25th of this month to February 25th of next year through a mayor decree issued the day before.

This measure was taken in consideration of the high number of new confirmed cases or deaths among the elderly or those with underlying diseases.

They can only go out to go to the hospital, shop at the nearest store, go for a walk or exercise, and stay home the rest of the time.

Mayor Sovanin also ordered operators in Moscow to turn more than 30% of their employees into telecommuting during the period.

The problem is that the spread is unlikely to slow down easily.

Experts predict that the fourth wave will become more severe and will peak in December.



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