[World Now] The operating room is money?

This is a picture of a Chinese hospital official having a dinner party.

A red banner is hanging.

However, the wording on the banner became a problem.

‘Let’s welcome the new year as proudly as a tiger. Because it means ‘the operating room is money’.

According to Chinese internet media Pengpai and Chinese version of Twitter Weibo on the 27th, the staff of a hospital operating room in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province had a dinner at a nearby restaurant on the evening of the 21st.

I’m putting up a banner here.

Netizens were greatly outraged as the image of a dinner party with a banner stating ‘Surgery = Money’ spread through the Internet.

One netizen strongly criticized it, saying, “I was surprised by the wording of the banner,” and said, “I have no morals or character to have as a doctor.”

Other netizens also raised their voices, saying, “No matter how important and precious money is, it is inappropriate for operating room doctors who deal with human life to openly link surgery with money.”

As criticism spread, the hospital apologized, saying that it was investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The hospital said, “We will strictly reprimand those involved and learn from this incident so that a similar situation does not occur.”



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