[World Now] Ukraine ‘Restoring life?’ First McDonald’s opened after the war

Delivery men gathered around the shop, and people lined up outside the restaurant for hours to order.

McDonald’s, a leading American fast food chain, has reopened three stores in Kiiwu from the 20th local time.

The response of the local people was warm.

At the moment, we only operate a delivery service, but some customers were so excited that they even stood in line to get it from the delivery guy as soon as possible.

In the end, demand was so high that the local Globo delivery service had to stop accepting orders from day one.

McDonald’s Ukrainian public relations manager, Alessha Mujiri, said that seven stores in Kiiw will open over the week starting on the 20th and then reopen in western Ukraine over the next two months.

This is the first time an American fast food chain has opened since the Russian invasion began seven months ago.

Some people felt that they had returned to their pre-assault routine.

Dennis, a college student, said, “I want to get rid of the bad feelings of war and go back to the time before the total invasion of Russia.”

Mujiri, who is responsible for public relations, explained, “It is possible to start with the delivery service McDelivery, and the operation of the store and Mac Drive will be provided from October onwards.”

He added that the shop will be open between 9am and 9pm, but could be temporarily closed for security if an air raid warning is issued.

Earlier, McDonald’s announced last month that it would reopen its operations and employment in Ukraine, stating that it would “restore a small but important sense of ordinary life.”

McDonald’s temporarily closed all 109 stores in Ukraine immediately after the war began in February, but is known to have continued to pay about 10,000 workers.

In March, McDonald’s, which stopped operating in 850 stores in Russia, sold the business and decided to withdraw from the country.

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