[World Now] What is the most livable/hardest city in the world?


Seoul [자료사진]

What is the most liveable city in the world?

How many points out of 100 is Urana Seoul a city?

What is the most difficult city to live in?

A British think tank has published a survey that will answer this question.

[서울 100점 만점에 80점 받아]

According to a report released on the 22nd local time by The Economist Intelligence Unit, an economic analysis agency, a sister company of the British Economist, Seoul received an 80 out of 100 points.

This ranks in the top 60 out of 173 major cities in the world for evaluation.

If you narrow it down to Asia and Australia, it’s ranked 12th.

[World Now]  What is the most livable/hardest city in the world?

Vienna, Austria [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공]

[가장 살기 좋은 도시 1위는 오스트리아의 빈]

Vienna, Austria has been named the number one most liveable city in the world.

It was followed by Copenhagen in Denmark, Zurich in Switzerland, Calgary in Canada, Vancouver also in Canada and Geneva in Switzerland.

Osaka, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia, which ranked first in Asia, also ranked in the top 10 globally.

[상위 10개국 중 유럽이 6곳 이름 올려]

If you look at the top 10 by region, there are six in Europe, three in Canada, and two in Asia-Pacific.

Compared to last year, where the number of cities in the Asia-Pacific region was overwhelming with eight, cities in Europe and the Americas made a significant leap forward.

[코로나19 완화로 일상회복되면서 순위 뒤바뀌어]

As the lockdown measures were lifted in large numbers due to the easing of COVID-19, cities in Europe and the Americas received high scores in evaluation indicators such as culture, environment, and medical care, the report explained.

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In fact, the ‘city of culture and art’ Vienna, which stayed in 12th place in last year’s evaluation, has recovered its highest position following 2018-2019 due to the re-opening of museums and restaurants this year.

Other European cities, such as Frankfurt (39 → 7th), Hamburg (Germany, 47 → 16), Düsseldorf (Germany, 50 → 22), and London (UK, 60 → 33), were also prominent.

Conversely, the rankings of Wellington (New Zealand, 4→50), Auckland (New Zealand, 1→34), Adelaide (Australia, 3→30), and Perth (Australia, 6→32) plummeted.

“New Zealand and Australian cities no longer have an edge in terms of quarantine compared to cities in Europe and Canada, which have increased vaccinated populations,” the report said. It means that adjusting flexibly helps the evaluation.”

[가장 살기 힘든 도시 1위는 시리아 다마스쿠스]

Damascus in Syria, Lagos in Nigeria and Tripoli in Libya were the most difficult cities to live in.

These cities generally score poorly in terms of health care and education.

Damascus has been under the stigma of ‘the most livable city on earth’ ever since 2013, when the agency published its rankings online.

The report added that the assessment did not include Ukraine’s Kiiwu, which is at war with Lebanon’s Beirut, which suffered a port explosion in 2020, the report added.

This survey analyzed stability, health, culture and environment, education and infrastructure in 173 cities around the world for one month from February 14 of this year.

Comprehensive ranking was calculated by qualitatively and quantitatively evaluating 30 indicators, including crime, terrorism, social unrest, access to medical services, corruption level, food and consumer goods supply, and public and private education levels.

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