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[World Now_영상] One-year-old elephant decapitated, dies

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The veterinarian will carefully bathe the baby elephant and apply disinfectant to the nose.

If you look closely, you can see that half of the elephant’s nose has been cut off.

The one-year-old elephant, found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, was found alone while trapped in a poacher’s trap.

As his condition worsened, it appears that he was abandoned by the rest of the group.

The veterinarian, Rika Marwati, said the nose was necrotic and had to be amputated.

After rescuing an elephant whose nose was caught in a snare, he underwent amputation and took care of it, but the elephant eventually died on the 16th.

Conservationists believe poaching has risen since the COVID-19 pandemic as villagers turned to hunting for economic reasons.

The Sumatran Elephant is a small species of elephant living on the island of Sumatra, whose population has recently declined significantly due to poaching and deforestation.

Currently, only about 2,000 are known to remain in the wild, and it is estimated that about 500 live in Aceh.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has upgraded the status of the Sumatran elephant from ‘endangered’ to ‘severe endangered’.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has listed the Sumatran elephant as an endangered species within 30 years.

In July, a headless elephant carcass was found in a village in Aceh province, shocking locals.


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