“World of Kings” will release the guild system’s characteristic gameplay “Atlantica Online” on May 13th announced today (7) that “World of Kings” will be publicly tested on May 13, and will be the first to open the pre-cast activity today. At the same time, the official release of the guild game introduction.

The preemptive corner event officially launched today

“The World of Kings” will start its public beta on May 13, and will start a six-day preemptive corner event starting today. As long as the character is created in advance, after the game is officially launched, you can get the “three kinds of mercenary optional sealing balls”. Players can choose a favorite among[Sheriff]Christine,[Taoist]Tian Yuzhi, and[Commander]Washington Partner, accompany you through adventures of all sizes.

[Sheriff]Christine is a long-range master who uses a musket. He is known for his high damage and unique field control skills; a close-range mercenary who can manipulate the power of ghosts to attack.[Taoist]Tian Yuzhi, using different spells when attacking The enemy caused a lot of damage; and in the War of Independence,[Commander]Washington, who led the country to victory, motivated his comrades on the field with strong leadership talents. In addition to improving the abilities of his comrades in battle, he could also disperse the enemy through skills. The powerful attack damage reduces the chance of personnel loss.

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    In[Sheriff]Christine,[Taoist]Tian Yuzhi and[Commander]Washington, choose a mercenary to accompany you on the adventure!

Unity is the power of the guild system

In “World of Kings”, players can create a guild as long as the level is 20 or higher. The initial first-level guild can only invite four partners, but as the level of the guild increases, the maximum number of members can be increased to 100. Not only that, players can also assemble major guilds to build your own “country” and become the king of the world.

After the player establishes his own country, he can launch a large-scale battle with the hostile country. The country that receives a declaration of war can choose to engage in the war or pay tribute to avoid conflict. After the national war began, the leader became the commander, and the guild leaders in the country became the deputy commanders. At the same time, three general NPCs will be generated in the capital city to which they belong to lead the citizens to launch an offensive against the enemy. When the player annihilates all the generals in the enemy city, they can win the national war; the victor can not only obtain national experience points and gold coin rewards, but also plunder 100,000 people from the capital of the failed country.

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    Build your own country with like-minded partners!

After guild members fight and complete related guild management tasks, they can earn guild points. The guild leader can use guild points to apply for “government of the city”, as long as the guild with the highest points can successfully administer the city by participating in the bidding of the city within the specified time. In cities, the lord needs to construct various types of buildings through urban planning, including residences, farms, factories, markets, guard posts, hospitals, and urban greening, but not all buildings can be covered. For example, When there are too many industrial buildings in a city, it will have a negative impact on cultural quality; too high a proportion of arrangements for security and public order may jeopardize the development of commercial circulation.

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    Only by properly arranging the city planning can the residents live and work in peace and contentment

Lords need to properly balance the values ​​of public security, industry, commerce, culture, and health in the city to improve the satisfaction of the residents. When residents’ needs cannot be met, they will choose to refuse to pay taxes or move out of the city, causing the city to make ends meet. At the same time, if your city is perfect, you can persuade residents of other cities to move to your city.

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    If you want to occupy the city as a stronghold, the members of the guild need to work hard to accumulate guild points

World of Kings” will be officially tested on May 13, and the main program download and pre-created corner activities will be available today.



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