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Sports Center / Report by Chen Ciling【Published at 12:55 on 12/2| Updated at 17:07: Audio and video added】

World of Warcraft started a live broadcast, learning Chinese while eating roast meat, and there were constant jokes, which made many fans laugh together. (Photo / summary of dwighthoward’s IG live broadcast)

After the Taoyuan Clouded Leopards basketball star “Warcraft” Howard (Dwight Howard) came to Taiwan, a wild of monsters started, and every move in Taiwan can cause great uproar. Howard live streaming eating roast pork yesterday (1st) On the way, he suddenly wanted to learn Chinese. He was studying hard at a glance, but there were constant jokes in the process. Fortunately, he understood the finally a clerk. Howard was fine moving and appearing happy on camera before dancing.

Howard opened a live broadcast on IG on the 1st to share the process of eating roast pork, and the scene of swallowing slices of meat made many fans salivate in front of the camera. Among them, the clips of learning Chinese are quite impressive. Because of the differences between Chinese and Western languages, Howard kept breaking out “American Chinese” during the learning process, and there was also a scene of talking with friends at the same time. table, which made everyone laugh.

▲ Howard came to Taiwan to taste many delicacies, this time he ate roast pork with great appetite, which made the fans salivate while watching the screen. (Photo / summary of dwighthoward’s IG live broadcast)

Judging from the live broadcast, Howard first asked how to say “this, that” in Chinese, but the companions did not notice him for a while, and immediately there was a funny scene of the two talking to each other in front the screen. After learning the above 2 Chinese, he happily said, “Did you see that! They will teach you, you can learn the language when you come here.”

▲ Warcraft is seriously learning Chinese, showing his language talent, and he quickly learned how to say “this, that” and “bill” in Chinese. (Photo / summary of dwighthoward’s IG live broadcast)

What’s worth mentioning is that when Howard asked “How to say the bill in Chinese”, he accidentally blurted out “Stinky Lin”, “John’s order”, “Such a fool”, “Bold”, and etc., cute behavior, It touches everyone’s nerves. When Howard thought he had learned the Chinese language of “bill”, the clerk called over. After several attempts, the clerk finally understood Howard’s request to see the bill. very exciting..

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