World premiere! The charging time of mobile phones has entered the era of single digits, and Redmi has released a 210W model.

On October 27, Redmi, a brand of Xiaomi Group, held a press conference to officially release four new models of the Redmi Note 12 Pro series and a variety of smart ecological products. Among them, the Note12 Discovery Edition has achieved 210W flash charging for the first time in the industry, and it only takes 9 minutes to fully charge, leading the way in mobile phone charging. digit

The Redmi Note series has always enjoyed the reputation of “Little King Kong” In ensuring the high quality of the products, it constantly challenges the shortcomings of the mid-range machine industry and insists on the popularization of high-end products. To date, the cumulative global sales of the Note series have exceeded 300 million units, which are greatly loved by consumers around the world. In the past few years, the Note series has continued to make efforts in fast charging, screen, sound effects, vibration and other aspects, and has continued to promote the innovation of mid-range machine experience.

The Note 12 Pro series focuses on the video track, bringing a full-stack upgrade from the dimensions of hardware, software, gameplay, and style. It is worth noting that the camera architecture of the Note 12 Pro series has also introduced a comprehensive innovation. For the first time, Xiaomi Imaging Brain has released the Note series, and anti-shake, night scene, noise reduction, and color capabilities have been improved in all dimensions.

In addition, through detailed cooperation with domestic screen manufacturers, the Note 12 Pro series adopts a leading high standard.OLEDFlexible straight screen. Note 12 Pro + uses the Surging P1 fast charging chip, which can be fully charged in 19 minutes.

Lu Weibing, Xiaomi Group Partner, President of China and International Departments, and General Manager of Redmi Brand said, “This time we will do a thorough image awakening, which is not only the awakening of the Note image, but also the awakening image of the range machine whole middle. .”

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