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Original title: World Table Tennis Championships | Wang Chuqin: Very exciting to face a strong enemy

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, October 4th (Reporter Chen Di) In the match between the Chinese men’s team and the Slovenian team in the World Table Tennis Team Championships (final) on the night of the 3rd, Wang Chuqin defeated Dako Yoo, who was ranked higher than him himself in the world by 3:1 Cyw. After the match, Wang Chuqin said, “I am very excited to face a strong opponent, and winning the match greatly improves the confidence of the whole person.”

On October 3, Chinese team player Wang Chuqin returned the ball in the game, and defeated Slovenian team player Dako Jocic 3:1. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Hongjing

Dako Jocic, 24 years old, has strong batting power and strong stalemate ability, especially his backhand skills are excellent. In the Tokyo Olympics, he eliminated the famous Japanese player, Tomokazu Chang and entered the quarter-finals. In February this year, he also won the 2022 European table tennis singles round of 16 championship. Currently he’ n eighth in the world, three higher than Wang Chuqin. Before facing the Chinese team in this World Table Tennis Championships, Jocic’s Slovenian team won two matches, and Jocic played three times and won all matches without losing a match. He is called a “star of hope” in Europe. Ma Long, the captain of the men’s table tennis team, also said that Jochik will be one of the main opponents of the Chinese team in the future.

“The opponents have performed well in many open competitions, and I am very excited to face such an opponent at the World Table Tennis Championships this time.” Wang Chuqin said, “I also did a lot of targeted training before the competition. He also played. well in the second game, but I was ready to face difficulties.”

Regarding his superior performance in the last two rounds, Wang Chuqin thinks it depends on “finding a little more and calculating a little more”. “Winning such a strong opponent in the competition is also a big improvement in my confidence. Improving the ability to read the game is completely different from other competitions. “Wang Chuqin said after the match.

After defeating the Slovenian team, the Chinese men’s team basically locked up the top spot in the group. “It can be said that everyone’s performance is stable so far. More importantly, we have to find the feeling of the game better through the group stage and prepare for the second stage,” said Ma Long.Return to Sohu, see more


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