‘World Youth Festival 2022’ young sports ambassadors around the world gather in Thailand

‘World Youth Festival 2022’ young sports ambassadors around the world gather in Thailand

The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), National Sports Development Fund together with United Through Sports (UTS) are organizing a major event ‘World Youth Festival 2022’, drawing young sports ambassadors around the world to gather in Thailand, while Dr Supranee Kup Tasa Sports Fund Manager hoping to extend the nomination to host the Youth Olympic Games

It is considered a major activity in the sports industry in Thailand for the “Bangkok 2022 World Youth Festival” (Bangkok World Youth Festival 2022), a festival of youth ambassadors from all over the world. An exchange of culture, sports and education In which Thailand was commissioned to organize the event at Srinakharinwirot University (SWU), Prasarnmit, Bangkok during 14-19 November. Coincidentally during the 2022 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (APEC).

This activity is a combination of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), the National Sports Development Fund together with United Through Sports (UTS), an international non-profit organization. Join in organizing activities for young people of all genders, ages, conditions and abilities. From all over the world who will come to camp to exchange sporting experiences. and co-education

Meeting Boonthiam, Deputy Governor for Sports Excellence and Sports Science, SAT said that this activity will have youth from all over the world participating. What is important is that Thai sports activities will be released to the eyes of the world, which is considered soft power. Especially Muay Thai Including the collection of images of activities about applying to host the Youth Games The 5th Olympic Games, 2030 (2030), which will be an important part that Thailand will benefit from this event.

Dr said. Supranee Guptasa, manager of the National Sports Development Fund, that this work is being done by the fund. Full financial support with the objective 1. It is a gathering of youth from many countries. And most importantly, it is a connection to the relationship of many countries with royal families such as the Princess of Saudi Arabia. he will come with youth and the Prince of Malaysia he will bring the young ambassadors with him Combined with many countries from 5 continents hundreds of people. the fund is Organized with honor

Young Ambassadors from around the world and Thai youth from the Sports Association of Thailand join this event It is considered that this is the biggest event that SAT and the Fund go together in activities related to youth. The most important thing is Thailand’s Application to welcome the youth of olympic games Activities related to young people must be completed This time is the first step in capturing images to spin the youth masses. Thailand Olympics

It can be called an “amazing” activity, including a gathering of youth ambassadors from all over the world that will affect the image of Thailand when hosting the Youth Olympic Games. And the second amazing is “Thai Wai Kru Muay Ceremony”, which is the martial art of Thailand’s national culture, where “Muay Thai” is an important soft power of Thailand and it is also the cultural foundation of the nation.

At the event, there was also a meeting on anti-drugs. Will have boxing industry personnel from the Boxing Sports Committee Office also involved with organizations such as the International Testing Agency (ITA) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
come and share information

“We are ready to say Thailand takes good care of young people. and it is a strategic point for promoting sports AND real tourism, including we support the story “Clean Sports” is to play as a fair game. Not using banned substances is what the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Thai government is pushing through the TAS and the response Fund in full,” said Dr. Supranee.

In part, Stefan Fox, president of United Through Sports (UTS), said thanks to all sectors, including SAT, the Fund and SWU, for organizing the “World Youth Festival Bangkok 2022” event, which is considered a major event that Leaders say it from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Special Olympic Committee and others gathered to meet hundreds of youth ambassadors from all over the world. and foster good relations with each other There will be more than 2,000 participants from all over the world.

World Youth Festival Bangkok 2022” is an event that allows youth ambassadors from all over the world to have once in a lifetime experiences in cultural, educational and sporting exchanges among themselves. By learning sports skills, there will be a variety of sports such as football, futsal, techball, skateboarding, rock climbing, sepak takraw, dancing, etc.

This event is a safe space for all young people regardless of gender, sex and ability. which will be an opportunity for young people to show their full potential. It is also a voice for youth around the world to realize the importance of sport. everyone’s equality Kindness to each other, unity, including living together with everyone, gender and every condition, using sport as a vehicle to connect relationships.

“Bangkok World Youth Festival 2022” will create alliance organizations that unite for all youth to promote a good lifestyle. and perfection through games and education to promote games for all young people in a way of equality.

What is important is to create a good image for Thailand in terms of youth development. This will have a positive effect on the proposal to host the Youth Games. Olympic Games No. 5, 2030 (2030)

It will also help spread the sport of Muay Thai to be better known, especially among youth around the world.

This will pave the way for future Olympics…

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