20 minutes – Message in a bottle arrives at the woman after 23 years


It was only after 23 years that a message in a bottle with a love letter reached its recipient. Georg Nies from Kiel in Germany had sent the message in a bottle at the time. The letter was addressed to his wife Martina. On a piece of paper it was written in black felt-tip pen: “Since I want to rely on the message in a bottle, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.”


Have you ever sent a message in a bottle?

Even though the message in a bottle was floating in the sea only two years before it was found, it did not reach the recipient for over two decades. This is thanks to media reports, the research of a Facebook group.

«Nice that it still applies»

An English woman bought the message in a bottle in a junk shop in England with a letter to a Martina Nies from Kiel, and she then started a search in a Facebook group of students from the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel. Sharing the contribution and researching the students ultimately led to success.

According to “shz.de”, the couple are still married and have three children together. As Martina Nies says, she is surprised and happy about her husband’s old love message, especially because she hadn’t known anything about the message in a bottle. “It’s nice that it still applies,” said the recipient.




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