20 minutes – Shots are fired again in Rot am See


Another shot was fired in Rot am See on Saturday. Shots were fired just a day after a man shot six people in a restaurant.

As the police say, a large number of police were sent to the small town again. A man is said to have entrenched himself in his apartment. In the meantime, the shooter has been arrested by emergency services from the SEK. There is no information about other injuries. It is still unclear whether there is a connection with yesterday’s bloody deed.

Six dead the previous day

Three women and three men died on Friday, all of whom were related. Initially, the investigators were unable to provide any information on the exact motive of the suspect German. A 68-year-old shot on Friday is still in mortal danger. “He is still in the same critical condition,” said a police spokesman on Saturday.

“So far we can not say anything about the motive, but we are assuming a family drama,” said Police President Möller. The suspected perpetrator should be heard by the police on Friday. The 26-year-old is said to have shot with a pistol for which he had a gun license as a marksman.




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