20 minutes – that’s why you pay extra for packages on Saturday


If you want to receive parcels on Saturday, you have to pay a surcharge of around 5 francs since the beginning of the year. Swiss Post communicated this to its private customers, for whom, unlike business customers, Saturday delivery was previously free. Swiss Post offers an annual subscription for CHF 20 for frequent users.


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The spokeswoman Denise Birchler explains the reason for the surcharge on request of 20 minutes: “The previously free delivery was an introductory campaign for private customers and was also declared accordingly.” The campaign had shown the need for desired deliveries on Saturday.

According to its basic supply order, Swiss Post does not have to deliver packages on Saturday. But because it offers the service, there are additional costs for personnel and infrastructure, as Bichler says. Swiss Post negotiated the price for the service with the price monitor.

The premium cannot be avoided. Either the sender pays it and charges the recipient, or the recipient pays the surcharge if he chooses the desired Saturday. There are no alternatives to the post office. Parcel service providers such as DPD, UPS or Fedex generally do not deliver mail on Saturday, as they say on request to 20 minutes.

Birchler did not want to comment on how much money the postal service receives from the surcharge and how large the volume of parcel shipments is on Saturday. But more and more packages are being sent. Last year there were 148 million (see Image section above). This is roughly over 400,000 parcels a day. If the surcharge were only due for half a percent of the total parcel volume, Swiss Post would earn around CHF 3.6 million more.




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