A principal gives the history-geography chapter to revise for the bac


Five days before the first session of continuous assessment of the new baccalaureate, a high school principal of the Académie d’Orléans-Tours (Center-Loire Valley) informed her first pupils of the subjects to be revised for the test. history geography. The test, which will take place on Monday, January 20 in the establishment whose name is unknown, inaugurates the new bac which consists of a large oral and a continuous assessment note. Two examination periods are planned for these common continuous assessment tests (called E3C): one in January-February and another in April-May.

The history-geography inspector asks me to specify that the E3C test of Monday 20 will relate to chapter 1, theme 1 of history and theme 1 of geography“, Says the headmistress in an email addressed to the pupils of first and revealed on Twitter. These remarks, announced as having the aim of “facilitate revisions», Surprised many Internet users.

Admittedly, it is not the exact wording of the subject which is given, but to indicate that it is necessary to revise only one chapter in history and only one in geography, instead of three or four per subject, is not it ultimately indicate what the subject will be about?

Sure USAinformations, Claire Gueville, national secretary of the Snes union and professor of history and geography, regrets the lack of confidentiality of the subjects. The unionist points to the national bank of subjects accessible without any security rule, according to her. “It’s big no matter what, we can get the subjects out without control“, She explains. She also underlines that the calendar of tests decided by each establishment will favor the pupils who will pass last in “having knowledge of the subjects already given elsewhere and will be able to better prepare.

For Daniel, professor of history and geography, this initiative is not surprising: “Everyone does that. In order not to disadvantage my class, I also gave my students the themes to review, he says on Saturday January 18 at Le Figaro. From the moment when the Ministry says that we can guide our students in their revisions, I don’t see why I will deprive myself of it, because otherwise I risk establishing a breach of equality between my students and the other candidates, who have been referred by their teachers“. A foreseeable situation according to him: “ All the teachers have had access to the subjects on the national subject bank for two months, so obviously, that was not going to remain secret. In addition, most of the topics are already on social networks“.

The new bac scares teachers more than students

This new bac, it is ultimately neither really a continuous control, nor really an examination. Among the teachers, most find that it is total improvisation. The solution would either be to return to the classic tank system, or to make a real continuous control Adds the professor of history and geography.

The SNES (National Syndicate of Second Degree Teachings) indeed notes a worrying state of preparation for the good performance of these tests: erroneous subjects, which do not correspond to the programs, advice of revision given by heads of establishments or inspectors to certain students resulting in a manifest breach of equality, flight from subjects, material conditions for passing deplorable tests (one supervisor per room, lack of time to configure calculators etc.), concerns about the dematerialization of copies.

Responding to the boycott call for this new baccalaureate, several teachers and students met this Saturday, January 18, in front of the Blaise-Pascal high school in Clermont-Ferrand “to disrupt the trials“. The students are out and the test has been canceled.



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