BALL – President promises Ukraine to punish culprits for killing Boeing 737 (Iran)


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has promised the Ukrainian counterpart to “bring to justice” those responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian civilian plane with a missile, the Ukrainian presidency said on Saturday.

Rouhani said “all the people involved in the air disaster will be brought to justice,” the press office of the Ukrainian presidency said, saying the promise was made during a telephone conversation with Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Tehran’s statement comes after reports from some countries, notably the US and Canada, indicated that the aircraft was inadvertently shot down by the Iranian air defense system.

In reaction to Iranian recognition, the President of Ukraine demanded the punishment of those responsible for the slaughter and the payment of compensation by Iran.

In the UIA Boeing 737 incident, all 176 people on board died.

Most of the victims were Iranian and Canadian nationals, but citizens of Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany and the United Kingdom were also on board.

International agencies reported, however, that hundreds of Iranians protested in Tehran, shouting slogans against the Islamic Republic’s system and the Revolutionary Guard of Iran over the shooting down of the Ukrainian civilian plane.

Protesters initially gathered outside the Amir Kabir University of Technology in the Iranian capital to light candles in honor of the victims.

The vigil then degenerated into protest against the Iranian authorities.

“The dismissal of the perpetrators is not enough, a trial is needed,” or “Die, die for this shame!”

The words grew louder and people began shouting “Death to the dictator” in reference to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and demanding a referendum in the country.



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