Children slightly injured by airplane fuel discharge above schoolyard LA | NOW


Seventeen children and nine adults were slightly injured on Tuesday after a plane discharged kerosene over a schoolyard in a suburb of the American city of Los Angeles, reports the fire department.

Rescuers were able to treat everyone on location at the school in Cudahy. Nobody had to go to the hospital. The plane has landed safely at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to the fire department, two classes were playing outside when the fuel “rained down,” the Los Angeles Times. Schoolchildren and staff were advised to go inside and stay there. Kerosene can cause skin irritation, sleepiness and dizziness, among other things.

Aircraft trace website Flightradar24 reports that flight DL89 from the American airline Delta Air Lines had to return to the airport shortly after taking off due to an engine problem. To lose weight for the precautionary landing, the Boeing 777 then dumped kerosene. The aircraft was on its way to the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Pilots must discharge fuel in an emergency

The discharge of fuel by aircraft is, in principle, prohibited, but according to Air Traffic Control the Netherlands it is possible to deviate from this if safety is at stake.

Aircraft that have just departed usually have too much kerosene on board to land. Pilots must therefore proceed to discharge fuel according to the protocol. The minimum height for this is more than 2 kilometers.

The airline has not yet responded to the incident.



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