He was run over and died after leaving work to go to his son’s party


Haislan Tonelino, 43, left work to get home earlier this Monday and attend his son’s birthday party. However, on the way home, the man was run over and ended up dying, as reported by G1.

The police Civil in GoiThenia, in Brazil, said that Haislan he was driving a motorcycle. The man hit the door of a parked car when the driver opened it to get out of the car. Haislan he fell to the ground and was fatally hit shortly thereafter by another vehicle that circulated on the road.

The driver of the car that hit him Haislan remained in place for a while, but fled before the police arrived. The authorities are demandit.

However, the driver of the vehicle that was parked, and in which Haislan initially clashed, remained with the victim until the authorities arrived. He was subjected to the balloon test whose result was negative.

Co-workers from Haislan, who was a machine operator at a packaging company, revealed that the man had changed shifts to be able to celebrate his son’s 10th birthday.



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