Indian village frightened by goat born with “human face”


UA small goat with strange features went viral after its owner published a video on social media showing how the animal looks “human-like”.

The goat, says the newspaper The Sun, will have caused great commotion in the state of Rajasthan, at India, after the owner has shown it publicly.

The owner’s neighbors, Mukeshji Prajapap, who lives in a small Indian village, were initially frightened by the mutation of the goat, but now they venerate it “as if it were a divine representative”.

Mukeshji Prajapap published a video of the animal where you can see the unusual features. Some have suggested that he may suffer from a rare condition that causes asymmetries.

At India, underline, it is common to venerate animals with different traits. Hinduism refers to some animals as sacred.



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