Live TV program in Turkey interrupted due to earthquake


O This earthquake that shook Turkey this Friday has already killed 14 people and the images that arrive from the site through social networks demonstrate a devastating scenario. The video that we now bring you does not show material damage, but it illustrates the intensity of the shock.

The images – which you can see in the gallery above – show a television program that was being broadcast on direct. Stakeholders were aware of the earthquake, but managed to remain calm until the broadcast was stopped.

Remember that the quake was recorded near the city of Sivricein the province of Elazig, in the east of the country. The European Seismology Agency (EMSC) recorded the earthquake at 8:55 pm local time (5:55 pm in Lisbon) at a depth of 10 kilometers. After this first earthquake, several aftershocks followed, the strongest with magnitudes 5.4 and 5.1.

In addition to the deaths, there are still about 300 injured – a number that, moreover, can be revised at any time, as the authorities continue actions search and rescue.



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