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The plenary would be open for termination on Monday with the approval of the legislative decree of the $ 109 million loan, the president of the Assembly told a press conference.

UPGRADE. The president of the Legislative Assembly, Mario Ponce, He has called the deputies to an extraordinary plenary session for this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Ponce said that it will be convened for this same day although this could be open and until next Monday they would vote for the approval of the 109 million dollars to finance the third phase of the Territorial Control Plan.

“One of the possibilities that can allow us to take away tension The situation in the country is that we convene a plenary session this day, without addressing any issue, but we leave the ordinary plenary open giving a break so that on Monday early we close the plenary approving the legislative decree of the loan of 109 million dollars, ”he said at a press conference.

He noted that efforts are being made to seek dialogue and that he has kept in communication with the different political parties. He also highlighted the work of the Presidential House delegates in an effort to get the country out of tension that has been generated in recent days and seek understandings.

“They have shown will. Our effort is to support the country, ”he said.

The commissioner for the Presidency, Carolina Bernal, on the other hand, denied that there is a crisis of governance or “clash of state powers”On the contrary, he pointed out that the government is working so that any situation is overcome with democracy and dialogue.

Bernal with the private Secretary of the Presidency, Ernesto Castro; and the Minister of Finance, Nelson Fuentes, arrived this afternoon at the Assembly where they met behind closed doors with Ponce and some political parties to review the budget of $ 109 million requested for the government security plan.

“The doubts are understandable and can be overcome with the dialogue,” said Bernal, who only gave a statement and there was no way for journalists.

Government representatives attended the Legislative Assembly to give their position on the climate of friction between the Executive and the Legislative following the call for extraordinary session by President Bukele

WIN and PCN ready to answer Bukele’s call

The announcement of the president of the Assembly comes after the different parties met during the day to agree whether they would attend the call of the Council of Ministers held last Thursday.

The PCN and WINS parties confirmed in the afternoon that they would abide by the Council’s call for Sunday.

In the morning hours, Ponce said he was waiting for what the legislative fractions decide to call the Board of Directors and decide if there would be extraordinary plenary this day.

“Each parliamentary group is meeting, the FMLN will meet and ARENA also because we cannot be in our homes, as it may be that there is a plenary or not,” he said.

“Our presence is to say: we are and were ready to vote (for the loan of $ 109 million),” said José Antonio Almendáriz, of the PCN, downplaying the fact that the call of the Council is unconstitutional or not.

The WIN fraction He maintained his position and indicated that they would abide by the call of the Executive. Meanwhile, the deputy Felissa Cristales, ARENA, called on Twitter to Mario Ponce to summon the plenary today.

“We as a parliamentary group are going to accompany the President of the Republic in this plenary session tomorrow, in the Legislative Assembly, while we are fulfilling a legal mandate that also gives us as deputies,” Guadalupe Vásquez, head of the celestial leader, told a press conference.

Reynaldo Carballo of the PDC also said he was ready to give his vote.

ARENA asks for OAS intervention

The ARENA party asked the Organization of American States (OAS) to intervene to prevent the breakdown of constitutional order in the country. They also ask for the intervention of the community and international organizations to “put their good offices to strengthen democracy in El Salvador and the development of the Salvadoran people”.

The tricolor party considers that the institutional crisis between Executive and Legislative, is not framed in the non-approval of the $ 109 million, but in the “real threat to democracy, fundamental freedoms, respect for human rights, and break to the Salvadoran constitutional order ”.

The tension is still perceived outside the Parliament where, from early hours, a military deployment is observed, waiting for tomorrow’s session in which Bukele will participate.

The Human Rights Procurator, José Apolonio Tobar, asked President Nayib Bukele this Saturday not to promote an insurrection due to the lack of approval in the Legislative Assembly of the loan for the security plan.

“I ask the president not to make appeals to the Salvadoran people to put the country in conditions of social vulnerability, greater than what is already available, when there are no constitutional conditions for the exercise of the insurrection,” Tobar said during a press conference.

The head of the PDDH also urged Bukele to “fully comply with the mandate imposed by article 168 of the constitution, which imperatively obliges him to seek social harmony, preserve peace, tranquility and security of the human person ”.

The Attorney General for Human Rights, Apolonio Tobar, said that there are no conditions for the Council of Ministers to convene an extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly or for the call for an insurrection as prompted by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele

American Chamber of Commerce calls Bukele and asks not to involve the Armed Forces in this delicate situation

Following the request made by the President of the Republic to the Council of Ministers to convene an extraordinary plenary, the American Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador, Amcham, said in a statement that this could have a negative impact on the democratic exercise. This is a process that breaks the dialogue and statistical reasoning scheme.

The Chamber called to respect the independence of powers. In addition, the letter emphasizes that calling the insurrection only causes damage to the image of El Salvador to the international community, investors and our fellow man.

President Nayib Bukele He cited on Thursday Article 87 of the Constitution of the Republic to summon the “people” to pronounce themselves against the deputies for not approving the security loan required to start the third phase of the Territorial Control Plan.

Bukele recalled on his Twitter account that the Minister’s Council ordered the deputies to meet to “define, once and for all, their vote on financing” of the security plan.

“Article 167, numeral 7 of our Constitution is clear and does not authorize deputies to add or remove words. They are constitutionally obliged to attend the extraordinary session. If someone breaks the constitutional order, the people have article 87, ”the president tweeted.



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