Strong explosion destroys Texas plant. It was heard for miles


UA strong explosion destroyed a factory in Houston, Texas, in the early hours of Friday. The impact will have shattered windows in the vicinity of the incident site and was heard by inhabitants miles away.ncia, according to the police and the local press.

According to Reuters, smoke and flames could be seen emerging and several emergency vehicles running that area. The explosion occurred in Gessner Road, in the northern part of the city, explained the police in a Twitter post, also calling on drivers to avoid the location.

According to ABC, witnesses report at least one injured person who was transported to the hospital.

The alert was given pels 4:25 am (10:25 am in Lisbon) and the explosion was felt 32 kilometers away. According to the Independent, it was the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing plant.

It is not known for now what caused the explosion.

See in the gallery above another video of the moment.



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