Tension on the border between Guatemala and Mexico: migrants collide with Mexican soldiers


(CNN) – A group of migrants clashed with Mexican police on the border between Guatemala and Mexico on Monday.

The group had previously been blocked on Saturday by the National Guard to enter Mexico through the “Rodolfo Robles” border bridge, which connects Tecún Umán, Guatemala and Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, in southwest Mexico.

The images of the TV Forum program, affiliated with CNN, show immigrants throwing stones, mostly young men. The police also threw stones during the confrontation.

The group attempted to cross into Mexico through the Suchiate River. CNN teams in Spanish witnessed that some of the migrants successfully crossed the river to Mexico, while others fled to the side of the border with Guatemala, according to Foro TV.

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Hundreds of Central American migrants fleeing their countries due to insecurity, unemployment and lack of opportunities, arrived in Mexico this weekend, under a controlled income from the immigration authorities.

Mexico, which is a transit country or often a final destination for immigrants, has offered work to foreigners who arrive in these caravans, however there are immigrants who once in Mexico insist on reaching the northern border of the country looking to reach To united states.

The passage to Mexico can be difficult, since in the last few days the immigrants tried to cross by force, although in the end they managed to enter under the migratory norms.

The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered work visas in southern Mexico and thus prevent the flow of immigrants to the United States; These visas will only work for those who decide to work in Mexico and there will be no visas that serve as a safe conduct for those who aspire to enter the US.



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