THE BALL – Carrots and Sweet Potatoes Thrown from the Air to Feed Animals (Australia)


Thousands of pounds of food were delivered by air, targeting the animals affected by the fires, according to New South Wales Minister of Energy and Environment.

On Twitter, Matt Kean reported that the tubers have made up most of the provisions provided.

“It is one of the key strategies we are implementing to promote the survival and recovery of endangered species,” he said.

“The starts have been possible as temperatures drop over the weekend and will continue until sufficient natural food resources and water become available again.”

Food was distributed from helicopters over the Capertee, Wolgan, Kangaroo and Jenolan valleys, and over Yengo, Oxley Wild Rivers and Curracubundi National Parks.

New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service has directed efforts to help the population of Wallabies (marsupials smaller than kangaroos) in what has been one of the regions most affected by the fires.

Millions of hectares have burned since September – a total area comparable to that of Portugal – and 28 people died and nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already declared a fire commission of inquiry necessary.

The year 2019 was the hottest and driest year in the country since data are available; December 18 was recorded as the hottest day ever.



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