THE BALL – ” She runs away when things go wrong ”


“Friends say that former actress always refused to live within the royal protocol and had long planned to withdraw.

“Either it’s her way or it’s not.” This is how Meghan Markle’s old friends describe her and are little surprised by the decision of the former actress and Harry to move away from royalty.

According to several people arriving in Meghan, it was foreseeable that the duchess would “jump out” after nothing had gone as she initially dreamed.

“She runs away, flies when things get ugly. It’s always been like this in her life,” says a friend, adding that he believes the decision to move away from the royal family was first made by Meghan, and that the text of the communicated may even have been written by her.

According to various sources, the Duchess had long been “saturated” with having to abide by the royal protocol and, after the early days of glamor, wanted to “get rid of the real pressures”. “Now, she’s going to set her own rules. It’s perfect for her. I’ve wanted this for many months and planned it.”



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