World’s first YouTube to surpass 10 billion views… This video from Korea

The English version of ‘Baby Shark Dance’ surpassed 10 billion views on YouTube on the afternoon of the 13th. [사진 유튜브 캡처]

The English version of the children’s song ‘Shark Family’ video ‘Baby Shark Dance’ surpassed 10 billion views on YouTube on the 13th.

The Pink Pong Company announced on the same day that the video ‘Pink Fong Baby Shark Dance’ has reached 10 billion views. This video is the first to surpass 10 billion views among contents registered on YouTube.

The number of views of the ‘Baby Shark Dance’ video is about 2.3 billion more than the MV of ‘Despacito’, which is in second place.

After being released in June 2016 as a version of ‘Pink Fong Baby Shark’ that includes children’s movements, this video has become a sensation thanks to the addictive chorus of ‘Baby Shark Trulu~’ and easy-to-follow choreography.

The Pink Pong Company said, “In November 2020, it overtook singer Louis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ in the Guinness Book of World Records as the number one YouTube view.” It has again proved its strong global influence by exceeding 10 billion views.”

The number of views of 10 billion far exceeds the number of people around the world of about 7.8 billion announced by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Based on the number of views, all the people on the planet have seen the ‘Baby Shark Dance’ video at least once.

The total playing time of the ‘Baby Shark Dance’ video is about 43,000 years, which corresponds to the period from the Paleolithic to the present, The Pink Pong Company explained.

Kim Min-seok, CEO of The Pink Pong Company, said, “This achievement of 10 billion views is a momentum that Pink Fong Baby Shark has proved its IP power throughout the entertainment industry. “He said.

By Jeong Hye-jeong, staff reporter



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