World’s highest number of new COVID-19 cases on record: 1.44 million

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The number of new COVID-19 cases worldwide hit a record high on the 27th, Bloomberg News reported on the 28th. This is due to the rapid spread of Omicron, which is more infective than the delta mutation.

According to Bloomberg, the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide on the 27th was 1.44 million, surpassing the highest number recorded in December last year. Even if we look at the conservatively counted global average of 7-day new confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of the 27th, it was 841,000, which is a record level. It is also a 49% increase compared to a month ago when the omicron mutation was first discovered.

As for the increase in the number of confirmed cases, Bloomberg said, “Omicron is rapidly becoming the dominant species worldwide, and there have been cases of infection even after vaccination with COVID-19.” He said that although the transmission rate of Omicron is 70 times faster than that of the existing mutation, there are studies that estimate that the symptoms will not be severe if the Corona 19 vaccine booster shot is completed. He also emphasized that the only hope is that the death toll from COVID-19 has not increased significantly.

Bloomberg predicts that if the number of confirmed cases rises, the number of deaths will continue to rise in the coming weeks. However, he emphasized that there are signs of a ‘decoupling’ between the two if you look at the early data of the region where Omicron has spread.

The Hill, an American political media outlet, said, “Even if Omicron spreads, if you get a booster shot, the symptoms aren’t serious.”

In the midst of this, the foreign media reported on the 28th that Germany announced that it would purchase 1 million packs of Paxrovid, a pill-type treatment for COVID-19 developed by US pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach explained to the news agency dpa that the first delivery is expected next month. Paxrovid is an oral antiviral drug in pill form. In clinical trials, it has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death in COVID-19 patients by 88%. Earlier, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Korea Food and Drug Administration also approved the emergency use of Paxrovid.

According to the German Institute for Disease Control and Prevention (RKI), the number of new COVID-19 cases in Germany today reached 21,1080, an increase of 7172 from the previous day (13,908). There were 3,218 new infections of Omicron. This is an increase of 45% from the previous day.

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