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Worldwide ‘squid game’ and declaration of war… why?

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In Shanghai, China, on the 12th, customers wait for entry at a store with the theme of the Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’. © AFP=News1 © News1 Reporter Dongmyung Woo

With the popularity of ‘squid game’, teenagers around the world are mimicking the game of squid, and countries around the world are fighting against the squid game, such as banning youth viewing.

In particular, children who return to school in September, imitating the games in the squid game, often produce violent scenes, so countries around the world are taking various measures, such as bans on teenagers from watching the squid game.

A school in Sydney, Australia, has asked parents to change their Netflix account settings to prevent children from watching Squid Games because it “contains very violent depictions and abusive language”.

John Bramston Elementary School in England also sent a warning to parents about watching the squid game, stating that the children pretended to shoot while playing games from the squid game on the playground.

A Belgian school also said children were playing on the playground and imitating a squid game in which participants were killed by beating friends who lost the game.

The school said, “The squid game is a series banned for under 18 years of age because of its violent scenes,” adding that “Students who continue to play this game of beating other children will be subject to sanctions.”

The Bay District School in Florida, USA, said, “The squid game is not suitable for children.” “You may think that younger students are not exposed to this drama, but this week, through game apps and video sharing platforms, children are exposed to content without their parents knowing. It has been confirmed that this is happening,” the notice was delivered to the parents.

In addition, Brazil and Thailand have also asked parents to control the viewing of their teens for fear of imitation of the squid game by teenagers.

Meanwhile, Netflix announced on the 13th that as of the 13th, 111 million households around the world watched the squid game, and it was named as the most popular drama of all time on Netflix.

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