Worm hides anti-Brahmin through worm movie: Rahul Ishwar – e News

Rahul Eshwar has accused Mammootty starrer ‘Puju’ of smuggling anti-Brahmin sentiments. All the actors in this film have acted well. Speaking on a channel, Rahul Eshwar said that the film portrays the entire Brahmin community as bad.

‘There are extremists in every community in our society. Godse is a man of extreme brahminical character. But 99% of Brahmins are not in favor of him. Therefore, if anyone suspects that the worm movie is smuggling anti-Brahminism here, can they be blamed? ‘Asked Rahul Eshwar.

In this movie there is a scene in ‘Worm’. In it the protagonist says that if necessary a case can be filed under the SC and ST Act. That means I can file a fake case if needed. Similarly, Rahul says that when a marriage officer talks about his and Parvati’s beauty, beating him up and then taking pride in filing a false case claiming that it is because of his caste is a disregard for the SC and ST Act and an abuse of the ST and ST Act.

Mammootty acted brilliantly in the film. But it is not right to blaspheme all Hindus and Brahmins by saying that Brahmanical is common sense. I am a married man from another caste. It is true that there have been some objections and things. My best friend is a Muslim. He marries a Brahmin girl. Who is killing people in the name of caste these days.

Probably there were honor killings in some places in Tamil Nadu and North India. Rahul Eshwar also asked if any Brahmin has killed someone for changing caste and marrying in Kerala in the last 50 years. But Rahul Eshwar said that the film is good and Parvathy has acted brilliantly.

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