Worrying! Thailand’s 3rd highest number of deaths from Covid-19 in the world, practitioners await proactive measures


Revealing worrying information! Thailand has daily deaths from COVID-19. It is the third highest in the world, while the Rural Medical Association calls on the government to take proactive measures to reduce the mortality rate.

Today (18 Apr.) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post messages via facebook Thira Woratanarat by stating that

Yesterday, 451,493 more people were infected worldwide, 1,186 more deaths, bringing the total to 504,655,744, with 6,222,757 deaths.

The top five with the most infections were South Korea, France, Italy, Japan and Australia.

Yesterday, the number of new infections was 9 of the top 10 countries from Europe and Asia and 16 of the top 20 in the world.

The number of new infections every day in the world now. from Asia and Europe Together they accounted for 88.17% of the world’s population, while the number of deaths accounted for 87.94%.

New infections in Asia accounted for 44.54% of the world, while the number of deaths rose to 45.69%.

epidemic situation in Thailand

Yesterday, the number of new infections, including ATK, was the 6th highest in the world and 3rd in Asia, while yesterday’s death toll. 3rd highest in the world

The number of deaths in Thailand yesterday accounted for 23.61% of all reported deaths in Asia.

Compare weekly statistics

Globally, the number of new infections decreased by 25% and deaths decreased by 23%.

If you only look at the continent of Asia It found that the number of new infections dropped by 28% and deaths decreased by 23%, equal to the global average.

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But for Thailand, we The number of new infections dropped by 11% (less than the Asian and global averages), and the number of deaths continued to rise by 19% over the previous week.

The above information reflects that The outbreak in Thailand is still severe compared to the overall picture of Asia and the world. The official figure also does not include the number of ATK tests, while the number of deaths has clearly risen against the global trend.

Previous disease prevention policies and measures have not been effective enough. And it needs to be reviewed…if you see the value of life…

Update on Long COVID

Recently, Chen C and his team from the United States A systematic global review of academic data until March 13, 2022 was conducted and a meta-analysis was performed. To see the incidence of Long COVID or Post COVID conditions in people infected with COVID-19. Published in the International Medical Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal of Infectious Diseases on April 16, 2022, 50 studies were reviewed and 41 were meta-analyses.

The results showed that Globally, on average, 43% of people infected with COVID-19 experience Long COVID-19 (39%-46% confidence interval).

People who are infected and become ill and need to be hospitalized are 54% more likely to develop long-term COVID-19 (44%-63% confidence interval), which is considered a higher risk than those who do not need hospitalization. Nurses found to have Long COVID 34% (25%-46% confidence interval)

If comparing between continents, it can be seen that Asia has the highest number of cases of COVID-19. The most afflicted with long COVID cases were 51% (confidence intervals from 37%-65%), with approximately 44% in Europe (32%-56% confidence intervals), and North America 31% (believe intervals). Confident from 21%-43%)

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Thus, it reflects us that the long-term impact of Long COVID is more common than anticipated. It will undermine the performance of daily life, relationships and work, and incur a costly burden on patients, families and the country in the long run.

Infected so it doesn’t end with just recovering or dying, but there will be Long COVID as the 3th route, which is a rough and long road.

Please don’t be fooled by lies, illusions, that it’s lame, it’s just a common cold, take it and it’ll disappear in no time. At a glance, it’s local…because in the end, the culprit is the person who believes and acts good, doesn’t protect it, while the scammers float away, don’t care, and don’t take responsibility.

Living life, earning a living, or studying is…it can be done for sure…but you have to be mindful. Optimize processes to be safe, avoid risky activities risky behavior and risk locations and prevent routine examples
It’s best not to be infected.

Always wear a mask…this is the heart of the matter. Because it is the last line of defense for each person.

Covid and the death rate still without proactive measures

Meanwhile, the Rural Medical Club revealed that the Ministry of Public Health is currently trying to reduce deaths as much as possible by opening up ICU beds to be ready for critically ill patients. But that’s the solution. The rate of serious morbidity and mortality is increasing every day, with about three-quarters of them being elderly and not vaccinated.

There are 2 million people over 60 years of age who are not vaccinated. Currently, the rate of vaccination in the elderly who come to get more injections or go to the home is only 5,000 more people per day. We have ordered 30 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, 60 million doses of Astra. All of these vaccine stocks are overflowing. The value of the order is several billion baht. I don’t know where to go

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The best preventive public health measure is vaccines. Although not very attached But each other is seriously ill and can clearly die. Today’s question is What measures will the government and the Ministry of Health have to promote vaccination among the elderly? Or will we just let it go?


The Rural Medical Association has charted the number of severely ill COVID-19 patients who are intubated in the ICU, showing that the number is still growing every day. This figure indicates that the mortality rate will continue to rise for quite some time if no effective measures are taken.

This is a big piece of government homework. Local workers await the wow policy and that can actually help reduce morbidity and mortality.


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