Worth a try! Shimmer puff pastry Set up for smooth, beautiful, healthy skin, the latest from SRICHAND.


To have smooth, beautiful, glowing, healthy-looking skin, anyone can do it. because it not only helps to reveal good looks in its own way but also increase confidence in daily life as well The beauty trend that Thai women have given their hearts to and have admired for a long time. Must be given to the trend of beautiful skin, glowing, juicy, healthy, dewey look, aura spurting like a Korean girl. which is still coming so strong that it has been lifted up to the pedestal

To have beautiful, glowing skin The beginning comes from taking care of your skin with skin care products that are suitable for your skin. Starting from the skin cleansing process to the skin care that focuses on adding moisture to the skin. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

Then came the makeup step to create the Dewey skin work. This is an important step to help cover up any flaws. with skin set up to lock makeup control oil balance Prevent makeup from peeling off during the day. Choosing the type of powder is therefore very important to determine the fate of the skin on that day. that will not survive? Girls should pay attention to choosing the pressed powder item. that responds to the problem of creating a beautiful skin glow and adding luster to the skin especially

SRICHAND (Srichand) Thai cosmetic brand that many girls are well known for. “Legendary purple powder” Which has received a good response and recognition of being an expert in loose powder that has captured the hearts of women all the time.

SRICHAND Emphasis on product innovation and development in accordance with the beliefs and commitment of the brand in regard to the needs of customers Make customers the center of product and service creation Want to pass on the best products to our customers. at an affordable price Therefore, it has designed new products to continue and develop formulas from abroad. The quality is equal to the brand counter. Focus on medium coverage to meet the needs of those who want to have glowing skin look healthy with aura

Recommended items The newest powder foundation SRICHAND Glamour Glow Foundation Powder SPF50 PA++++ Gives skin a glowing, radiant, healthy-looking glow With a finely milled shimmering powder that instantly brightens skin tone, medium coverage, helps control it for 12 hours, while protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays, instantly giving off a glowing, aura-sparkling complexion, suitable for people who like Juicy skin work. Dewey look, Korean style.


  • Medium coverage Helps blur pores, hide dark spots, redness.
  • glowing skin With a small shimmer that helps the skin shine with a dimension.
  • Add moisture to the skin during the day with Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide.
  • slow down premature aging Make the skin smooth, soft, radiant and look younger from Peptide.
  • With SPF 50PA++++ protects the skin from UVA/ UVB rays.

Hybrid sunscreen (Hybrid) SPF50 PA ++++ acts on 2 mechanisms at the same time, absorbing radiation from entering the skin layer. and reflects UV rays to prevent the rays from harming the skin

What is PA value? Why ++++

PA stands for Protection grade of UVA.

Demonstration of the degree of protection from UVA rays.
PA+ = 2x UVA protection of normal skin or less protective.
PA++ = 4 times UVA protection of normal skin. or moderately protective
PA+++ = 8 times more UVA protection than normal skin. or very protective
PA++++ = 16 times UVA protection of normal skin. or maximum protection

size and price
Size 9 g. Price 350 baht (available in 3 shades: P110 Cool Ivory, N120 Beige and Y120 Warm Beige)
Size 4.5 g. Price 79 baht (there are 1 shades: Y120 Warm Beige)

Techniques for applying powder to smooth, beautiful skin.

· Apply a moisturizing cream to the face. and apply sunscreen so that the skin is not too dry and make the powder adhere to the surface well
· Use the right amount of flour. Using a puff to touch the powder a little. and spread some on the skin
· If you want a light look It is recommended to apply the powder by using a large brush to help spread the powder evenly and well.
· Brush application process You should start from the widest area on your face. that is the cheek area Then spread into the nose and chin. The powder should not be too thick on the nose and chin. because it is the part that has it easily could be a stain
· Suggest that girls should carry powder to fill during the day for beautiful, bouncy skin. Should blot the oil on your face with tissue paper or blotting paper to let it all out first. Then gradually add flour.

Just this simple technique, girls will have smooth and beautiful skin all day long.

Come and experience the aura skin, beautiful, glowing, glowing skin with SRICHAND Glamour Glow Foundation Powder SPF50 PA++++ Available today at 7-Eleven, Watsons, EVEANDBOY, Beautrium, Konvy.

More information about the product can be found at https://www.1948beauty.com/th/shop/products


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