Worth the rumor! Mor Pla attacks to experience the ghost of a former DJ’s rented room, and a creepy girl he meets every day he walks past.

“Mor Pla” went to the area to experience the spirit of a rented room where he wrote “Cyn DJ” to describe the chickens before his death. The neighbors were shocked. I don’t know when I die I still see it every time I walk by.

Reporters reported today (June 7) at 2:00 am in a rented room number 1/137 in Moo 2 area, Choeng Noen Sub-District, Mueang District, Rayong Province, Mr. Jeeraphan Petchkhao or Doctor Pla, the whistleblower. interview Arrived at the scene of the accident with the Sawangphon Kusol Rayong Rescue Unit Provided to facilitate the visit to the area

meeting with the residents of the rented room at the scene of the accident The people of the area and supporters stood and waited for Dr Pla to encourage Dr Pla. and hope that Dr. Pla will come to help make everything better

After Doctor Pla got out of the car, he immediately went down to find information. Ask for detailed information with the rescue. who lives in the same rented room as the deceased, Mr. Guard, 77 years old, former DJ with a handsome sound and people in nearby areas before wearing protective clothing, walking into the rental area There are people who live in this rental room. and many media join together

After that, he stopped in front of the deceased’s room. It was found that there was still a barrier between the white-red area. And the door is still locked from the outside with a cable tie. Then the rescue opens the room for the doctor to look inside the room without walking inside. discovered that a foul smell was still spreading The people outside were in distress.

Conditions in the room found property scattered. There are also yellow stains on the floor. Swamp full. There was a message written on the wall. Not swept and cleaned in any way. because he is still in the process of finding the cause of death

Later, after Mo. Pla walking to explore the area outside the rented room not long ago, Mo. Pla, the collection clarifier I started to feel nauseous. and appears to vomit who can feel the energy of the seminary in this place

Dr Pla has given the rescuers Burn incense to tell the spirits and sacred things of the area. And in order to cover the stench that is also spreading After inspecting the outside, he closed the door to the room and went back to normal.

side Ms. Renu, 41 years old he said that he lived with his grandmother, who was in the last room at the end before finding out that Mr. Guard dead He was working and going home and would always pass in front of the deceased’s room. After walking into the room, you will see the guard. He walked out and stood at the front of the room. and look at it and walk back to the room It’s like this almost every day.

that he didn’t really know Then when did the guard die? He was shocked and very shocked. because last time before knowing Mr still saw you walking out of the room and looking at you

Now he was very afraid. It was as if the deceased were looking at him all the time, even though they didn’t know each other at all. and he did not know what the deceased wanted from him but as if he was about to say something to him and he did not dare to stay in the room alone But if you are still around here, I want you to know that he will do you a favor.

Plague Doctor, the Conqueror give that interview Before coming to inspect, the permission of the owner of the rental has already been secured. And know that the area in the room has not been cleaned because she is still in the process of finding the cause of death so she did not go in to examine the room using only looking from the front door of the room And explore the area outside the rented room only

I think it is worth the rumor as the villagers have told each other, and there are already 4 bodies here, and the people who live here will see the dead. He had also vomited.

As for today, when he came, he did not come to say that this place is not good. and he didn’t tell them to move out, just to come and fix it. It makes people feel relieved and it will make the place even better. In the story of the deceased who said he saw a ghost He believed because the body was weak Sick and about to die, the chance of seeing a ghost is possible. as the body is weak, the mind is also weak Perhaps we can see and feel another sense.

After this, we must wait for the police procedures to be completed first. and he will go in again To help make this place better and help the residents of the area to feel more comfortable.