“Would I have bought it for this price with my own money?” Won Hee-ryong orders an investigation into the LH ‘high-priced unsold apartment purchase’ controversy

Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Won Hee-ryong said, “I ordered Lee Han-joon, the new president of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), to inspect and investigate the general purchase and rental business,” regarding the recent controversy over buy unsold high end apartments.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong visits the press room of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at the Sejong Government Complex on the 30th, holds a meeting, and answers questions. random news

In a press conference held at the Sejong City Government Complex on the 30th, Minister Won said, “The purpose of the purchase and lease system is the housing welfare of the majority of ordinary people who have not been able to afford their own houses. It has to be implemented,” he said.

Minister Won continued, “My view is that LH’s explanation that (the controversial house purchase) was just following normal business practices is irresponsible and insensitive.” We will also strive to improve the overall system so that it can be implemented in accordance with the purpose of the system.”

Previously, LH purchased 36 units with an exclusive area of ​​19 to 24 square meters in ‘Kantaville Suyu Palace’ in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul at a discount of 15% from the initial sale price for 210 million to 260 million won. This flat is a so-called ‘bad unsold’ amount not sold on completion, and failed to ‘sell out’ even with unlisted subscriptions seven times from February last year, and has been on sale for a 15% discount since July last year. year.

When it became known that unsold houses that had been ignored by the market were being bought without additional discounts, criticism was raised that “the government is compensating for the failure of construction companies with taxes.” In particular, this critical public opinion became more powerful after President Yoon Seok-yeol ordered on the 3rd, “I hope you will also seriously consider using unsold houses as purchased rental houses to protect the vulnerable.” The government is considering expanding the purchase of unsold flats as the number of unsold flats is expected to exceed the risk level of 60,000 homes.

Regarding this, Minister Won said, “I remember the president’s order to devise a policy by linking the market’s crisis response function for unsold units to the housing welfare function of the purchased rental system.” We will operate according to the purpose of the leased system.”

Minister Won said, “There is some pressure from the government to take over the unsold units, but just because the number of unsold units in general is increasing, it does not have to be considered a crisis in the housing market .” We will focus on end-user relief and quick sales through easing and financial relief.”

On the other hand, Minister Won announced “we will announce a strong comprehensive countermeasure to fundamentally block charter fraud on the next 2nd” in relation to charter fraud, which has recently emerged as a social problem.

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