“‘Would you like to stay with me tonight?’ Female co-worker pranks on KakaoTalk, living together and girlfriend running away”

Screen capture of KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’ broadcast © News 1

The story of a man who was troubled by the aftereffects of breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, who he was living with, drew attention.

On the cable channel KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’, which was broadcast on the 6th, a client who said he was living with alcohol every day after breaking up with his girlfriend appeared.

The client confessed, “I met my girlfriend when I was 20, and after a year of dating, I lived together for three years, but one day I left the house. I can’t even contact him.”

Regarding the beginning of the breakup, the client said, “The woman I met for work joked with me, ‘Would you like to be with me tonight?’ I replied, ‘I don’t know what will happen if we stay together.’ left the house,” he said.

However, the client’s friend, who appeared together, said meaningfully that there was more than that.

In response, the client said, “After a fight with my girlfriend once, I joked with my friends, ‘Let’s go to a hunting bar’ or ‘Let’s go to an entertainment pub,’ but we fought and solved it.”

Seo Jang-hoon, who looked at the client with suspicious eyes, asked, “Have you never really put your hand on your chest and never really cared about someone else?” Then the client said, “Never. I went home from work every day and lived like that. I knew that my parents met each other and even prepared for marriage.”

He continued, “If you’re really desperate, you should beg to die, not to drink. You have to apologize anyway. Do your best to convey your feelings. But if you say you won’t meet, you have to give up.”

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