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WRC Safari: President Akio Toyoda “Taka! Really amazing! I’m a little disappointed, but I’m very happy!” Full comment – ​​RALLYPLUS.NET Rally Plus

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Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier / Julien Ingrassia won the 4th victory of the season and Takamoto Katsuta / Dan Ballit finished 2nd on the podium for the first time in the WRC Round 6 Safari. Achieved. Katsuta succeeded in achieving the best results while gaining solid experience in rallies where many drivers suffered flat tires and troubles. After the rally, team owner Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, has announced his comments.

(Hereafter team release)

Congratulations to Cebu and Julian!
Thank you to all the fans for their support!
But … I want you to allow me to explode my feelings first today.

Taka! Really awesome! I’m a little disappointed, but I’m very happy!
Leading that Cebu, the final day was reached, and he continued to compete for the championship on the podium in 2nd place!
I was so impressed that I trembled. I’ve been watching Taka with your father since noon today. Both of them were worried about Taka and couldn’t get anything else, so they had a conversation on the line every time. I’m really glad I had a day off from work today. It seems that your father was at work (laughs)

On the tough road for the first time, run through while competing for the top with the best driver in the world …
I think Taka has grown many times more than ever in this one race alone. There are 6 races left this season, and finally Rally Japan. I’m looking forward to it even more.

But after all Cebu is amazing! That was also what I really thought about this time.
Just looking at the pictures shows how tough the roads in Kenya are. I think that Cebu was able to catch up with Taka in the last three stages because he was running while valuing the tires even on such a tough road. I am deeply grateful that such a respectable driver is fighting as a member of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, and that the driving has led to the growth of our colleagues.

I would like to thank everyone on the team. It was the first time in 19 years that Kenya was held. The African road is the first experience for everyone. The drivers were able to start running with peace of mind thanks to the efforts of the engineers who analyzed the recce information day and night in the absence of past experience. Thanks to everyone, both the local members of Kenya and the members who supported us from Finland. Thank you.

Unfortunately, Elfin and Carre left the front on the way, but thanks to sharing the information gained from the subsequent runs with the team, I think Cebu and Taka were able to fight for the top until the end. .. Thank you Elfin, Scott, Calle, Yonne! We promise to give back by preparing a car that can run with more peace of mind in the second half of the season.

I was also shown a scene of running through a liaison. I felt the atmosphere of the children waving, the animals running together, raising the country, and welcoming the rally. President Kenyatta was also given the message Welcome Back. We would also like to thank everyone in Kenya. I hope that Rally Japan, which is approaching a few months later, will be welcomed by many rallyists in a similar warm atmosphere.

Finally, let me express my gratitude to another group.
Toyota Tsusho’s colleagues in Africa supported us locally. And he told us the situation of the site to our Japanese friends. Thanks to that, we at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing were able to run in Kenya as a road in our home country. Thank you to everyone in the Toyota family in Africa. Thank you very much!
(We are fine! Thank you very much!)

Is it a mistake at the award ceremony? I’m sorry for Cebu and Julian, but I’m very proud of you who flowed in Kenya, and it was wonderful to hear it many times.

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