Wrestlers temporarily withdraw from the strike; Farmer leaders intervened; Five days late

Haridwar: Wrestlers, who have been protesting against the Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh National Wrestling Federation, have temporarily refrained from throwing their medals into the Ganges. The intervention of farmers’ leaders was responsible for withdrawing the wrestlers. The protest ended temporarily as farmer leaders persuaded the wrestlers who came to the banks of the Ganga in Haridwar with their medals close to their chests in tears.

Farmer leaders led by Naresh Tikayam reached Haridwar. They received the medals from the wrestlers. The farmer leaders then spoke to the wrestlers. Naresh asked for a delay of five days. After this, the stars temporarily withdrew from the protest.

The players returned from Haridwar announcing that the medals would not be distributed. A large crowd had reached Haridwar to support the stars. Emotional scenes unfolded in Haridwar as the wrestlers reached the banks of the Ganges with their medals close to their chests and tears in their eyes.


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