Wrestling boils before the election! Wisut, the new prime minister – Fresh News

Asst.Prof. Kittiphot Suchantabutr, President of the Wrestling Association of Thailand Presided over the 2021 Annual General Meeting at the meeting room on the 25th floor of the Chaloem Phrakiat Building. Sports Authority of Thailand There were 67 member clubs attending the meeting, 64 clubs, 3 clubs absent, and before the meeting started to pay their respects to Mr. Wuttisak Chuchuen, Director of Sports School, Sisaket Province

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The important agenda is the election of the president of the association. And before the election, Mr. Surachet Kwannai from the National Sports University of Suphanburi revealed that the night before the election, the president of the association met Asst. Which he went to talk normally, but Asst. Then, for his own safety, he filed a complaint at the Huamark Police Station.

when entering the election agenda At the meeting, Asst. Prof. Ekasit Uantrai was the chairman of the election of the Association’s president. And at the meeting there was a nomination of Mr. Wisut Tangvarithon, who caught number 1, to compete for the position of president of the Wrestling Association of Thailand with Asst. Vote defeated Asst. Prof. Kittipot, who received 28 votes.

After that, Mr. Wisut Tangvarithon, the new president of the Wrestling Association of Thailand, said thanks to all the votes that he voted for himself to be elected president of the Wrestling Association. From now on, promise to take good care of everyone in the wrestling world. and will try to make wrestling known in the Thai sports industry As for the SEA Games and the Asian Games that will be held this year. He thinks that the SEA Games are too close and may not be able to catch up. But the Asian Games, which will be held in the next 9 months, want to make the Thai national wrestling team have the best performance. As for supporting the association, it is ready to do its best in finding sponsors for the association.


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